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    He looks cool. And grumpy.
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    Nice! Always good to have a stable mate for Ackbar and for general dioramas.

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    I'll have one of this guy. He'll fit in the ROTJ shelf.
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    I'll add the so far reference pics. now, just so i don't have to look them up later when it comes up.

    And Yay! He looks terrific!
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    More Mon Cal's is always a good thing. Figure looks great, I hope he gets an SA release too. My vintage collection Ackbar needs a buddy.

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    Should be fairly easy to pop this head onto the VC/TBS Ackbar body with a little modification. Definitely in for one.
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    He made me laugh! I'll get one if I see it, assuming his head has that Ackbar/Pao open mouth action. Kinda tiny legs, though.

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    Always love me some Mon Calamari
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    I've found my new favourite lumpy background alien diorama fodder. Take that, Quiggold!
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