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Thread: Admiral Raddus

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    Lol great looking character. Definitely going to be getting this guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddball_Fett View Post
    He looks cool. And grumpy.
    heh... i saw this on FB and said that a fat, angry, ugly Mon Cala Admiral? i'm all for it.
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    I'll be getting one for sure. Great figure.

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    This figure is awesome! Cant wait to pick him up!

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    Oh he's so ugly that I love him!

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    Not sure yet. Loving the different color for Mon Cal though! I may break down when I actually see him in person though.
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    great figure. Not sure the films needs a "literal" Ackbar replacement, I would have preferred another species in this role. But it's a cool looking figure.
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    I am amazed we are getting a figure of him, I love another Mon Cal.

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    Definite buy for me. I wanted to stay out of this line but for once the rebels actually look cool. In the past it's always been imperials and the mains for me with virtually no regualar troopers. It'll be nice to have these figs side by side with all my other OT stuff.
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