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Thread: Rogue One 4 Pack - Moroff, Pau, Deathtrooper & Stormtrooper

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    "Excuse me, would you have any Death Poupon?"

    "But of course."
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    Back door huh? Good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordtyrannus View Post
    Ahhh--- we know which of these guys sprung for the extra mustard on his corn dog!

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    "Seriously Jones, we're an elite squad of imperial troopers with the word 'death' in the title and you can't even eat a hot dog without getting it all over you. All in favor of voting Jones out of the elite squad of death troopers and reassigning him to trash compactor duty please signify by saying aye."

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    Grabbed this set when it was on sale last week, or was it two weeks ago ? whenever it was, I think it's worth it. If for no other reason that it has far better paint apps , especially on Moroff's backpack. But in general the paint apps seem far better, more sharp. Also Moroff's rifle and Pau's rifle is actually straight not bent to crap like in the two packs. The while pauldron Stormtrooper is also very welcome, and the Deathtrooper, well hes got mustard all over him lol. Thanks to lordtyrannu thats all I'll ever think when I see it lol.

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    Fake Spoiler: That's how Moroff marks his territory...

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    Quote Originally Posted by indysolo007 View Post
    Fake Spoiler: That's how Moroff marks his territory...

    lol it all makes sense now

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    got this today only cos it was on clearance, and I buy things i dont need sometimes when they are clearanced
    Anyone got any tips on getting rid of the mustard off the Deathtrooper? (without repainting)
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    BBTS has this set for $20 if anybody cares...
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