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Thread: Scariff Stormtrooper Squad Leader

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    My main issue with them is that their gear, armor and body glove is really too far ahead in time as its clear they more match the FO Stormtrooper or act more as an intermediary late war design rather than the actual pre-OT where their design should perhaps be more intermediate between late Republic Clone Trooper and Imperial Stormtrooper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julythrunov View Post
    I agree...I like the design...but much like the tie striker, this trooper along with the others feels shoe horned in for the sake of "new". Another example of film makers not respecting the viewer and trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    "Dat look shiny and new!"
    I feel very much the same way What we had in the OT would have been fine for this film as well. I also understand that whole marketing aspect and why they do stuff like this, whether it's necessary or not.

    That said, I really like this design and would like to build a small squad of them.
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    I kind of agree with the comment regarding FO, depending on how many I'm able to army build on these troops I may and what comes out in the next 2 movies (related to TFA) I may just use these guys to supplement my FO troops.
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    Like the design and I'm really excited to get a Black Series version of the figure. My only nitpick is why the Squad Leader? Why not release the basic trooper without the orange bicep? If we want a squad leader, we can break out an orange Sharpie. Plus, the "Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader" that comes in the 2-pack with Moroff has a longer kama and no ammo belt. So who's the real squad leader, eh?

    And talk about why these "Shoretroopers" exist got me thinking. Doesn't that image of the Stormtroopers plodding through the surf look odd? I mean, it shouldn't, Stormtroopers raid anytime & anywhere, but it just looks odd. Maybe it's the vacation photo look. But you get these guys wearing almost 'trooper armor but with trousers and it works for me.

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    Glad to see this guy is sportin' his breast cancer awareness colors Really, that's the only problem I have with the Scarif Trooper design, the gaudy blues and pinks just don't scream merchant of death to me.
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    I'm a little unsure, but I think this figure as-pictured is actually a basic Scariff Stormtrooper. In the costume sneak-preview event, all of them have the red right bicep and white stripe on their left shoulder. Of the 3 pictured, two have blue shoulders: one has blue chest armor (similar to the AT-ACT pack-in figure) but short kama, and one has a long kama with a blue stripe on its chest (like the 2-pack Moroff figure). Anyway, whatever they call this Black Series figure, it seems like a good base for the Trooper. I'll be buying a few, as they seem to be the ANH Sandtrooper of this movie.

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    "Bobby U-Wing"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturm86 View Post
    Thanks for this!
    Was going to post this but i'm watching SF and AZ football on twitter and I want to kill myself for doing it.
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    Yes, thanks for posting. This clears up a lot. I don't really mind which version they give us, I'll still army build this figure, if I get the chance.
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