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Thread: Jedha Revolt 4-Pack

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    They certainly aren't helping troop builders by packing them with all these other figures.

    And shame again about the 5poa. Two Tubes is a prime example of why they should at least have arms in poses suitable for the weapons they're given because he's gonna look real ridiculous holding his gun out straight. They've done it for Gerrera and he looks all the much better for it. Good looking set otherwise though.
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    More terrific characters and amazing sculpts for 5POA crap figures I will never buy!

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    "Edrio two tubes"

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    Well, because he doesn't have three. ^

    I'm really hoping we get Saw and even Edrio in the TBS line. But if not, I will definitely get this set. they're too cool not to!
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    That's right, I'm Steve "2 phones" Macabee!

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    Edrio is likely to be exclusive to this pack I'm guessing. Just like Maz was.

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    Sweet set! For sure buy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julythrunov View Post
    "Edrio two tubes"
    I love it! Truly Kenner-ific.
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    Awesome pack, wish the troopers can be pushed out in troop builder packs too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    I love it! Truly Kenner-ific.
    I agree, I think the name is awesome.
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