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Thread: EFX Millennium Falcon

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    Has anyone seen the OT and Solo Millennium Falcon models that Gentle Giant were showcasing at SDCC this year?

    I wonder if the Solo version's escape pod can be displayed separately. Could be a good replacement for those who missed out on, or were unhappy with their EFX version. Thoughts?

    First impressions are pretty good, but I'm looking forward to seeing a painted version.
    Did they mention a scale for those?
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    No information available, it's literally just what i read on the RS coverage of the Gentle Giant booth at SCSS. DSTChuckPadewan on the GG forums, (who I think represents GG) said that GG know nothing of these.

    If they're on display to showcase their scanning business, then I'd guess that these are probably scans of the Bandai Falcon.
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    Any update on the status of this thing? Seems like we are closing in on one year.

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    I've not heard anything. A year in October, i believe.

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