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Thread: Imperial Ground Crew

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    Not a bad thing, but I'm getting a Tron Legacy vibe from this character... Or from the artwork anyway.
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    well I guess this is the uniform that Jyn wears toward the end of the first RO trailer. I'm definitely in for a small squad of these guys.
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    Are those batons weapons or is he directing traffic?
    Go figure!

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    The first wave of the new movie, and we get an air traffic controller? Odd, but I'm not complaining - I display my figures in crowd scenes, so he'll blend in just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RUOKR2 View Post
    Are those batons weapons or is he directing traffic?
    LOL! The name definitely suggest "directing traffic"
    The cool action pose on the art suggests he uses them like a couple of energy powered escrima sticks!

    Then again what kid wants a dull traffic controller figure, hence the art!

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    So even the traffic controller guy has his own uniform now? It seems like the Empire is turning into Cobra Command, so much for standardization. I would hate to be the guy in charge of logistics having to supply two hundred different types of armor in all the right sizes to every garrison in the galaxy.
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    I like it, and plan to get a couple. But it just seems so, odd. First the knee pads, seems out of place for Star Wars and an Imperial uniform. The other being the helmet, it looks like they took the "swoop" off the Gunner helmet and put the "cheese grater" from the Navy Trooper helmet on it. It seems like they (the movie people) would of tried to keep the design more uniform and inline with whats established. It looks like a completely different jump suit too. I like it but it just seems to unnecessary a design. The old Imperial Crewers would of been a better choice, they have to do something other than sit at computer stations. Oh well I'm putting too much thought into it lol.

    Now if those traffic batons had glow in dark paint on them, they could direct TIE's in the dark. Or have a rave lol.

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    I know Jyn taking this disguise is somewhat meant to invoke Luke and Han taking Stromtrooper disguises to infiltrate the DS, yet with the helmet on, this costume might somehow draws this unfortunate comparison instead...

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