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Thread: Tie Striker With TIE Fighter Pilot

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    Tie Striker With TIE Fighter Pilot

    Here's our first look at the TIE Striker vehicle from Rogue One courtesy of Idlehands:

    Who's going to be picking this vehicle up? Thoughts on it?

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    I like the design of this vehicle, and this looks like a decent sculpt, plus there is word that the Nerf crap is removable!!

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    Interested in getting that one, I'll just wait to see more about the actual toy though.
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    I'll get it, even with the nerf stuff. I just hope the nerf stuff is removable.

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    IDK, something about a mini submarine with wings doesn't look right.
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    I like it, nice design, I'm in.

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    If the nerf launcher is truly removable, this one really doesn't look bad. The figure looks awful but the vehicle itself looks pretty decent from what we can tell. I could see myself picking this up. Now bring on the freaking hover tank...
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    I'd love to collect this...
    but having a GREEN TAMPON shooting out from it makes me wanna think it over....

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    Looks pretty cool, I'm in for this and the U Wing

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    The pilot looks great. And that's good news, because the previous best Tie Pilot was terrible proportionally, it had very weird legs. So I am happy to see this update. Just hope it comes single carded too.
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