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Thread: Tie Striker With TIE Fighter Pilot

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyenShi View Post
    The scene opens near the wreckage of Krennic's shuttle. A pair of Deathtroopers, clearly battered but still no less intimidating, attempt to administer first aid to the injured Krennic while calling for medivac.

    Moments later, the familiar sight of a Lambda class shuttle lands nearby. A number of Stormtroopers rapidly descend the ramp and survey the area. Krennic turns towards the shuttle, dread in his eyes.

    We hear the familiar breathing first, followed by a flowing black cape. A polished black helmet glistens in the sun.

    Without warning, the Deathtroopers are struck down by a glowing red blade. Lord Vader stands over Krennic, moving with surprising agility.

    "You have failed for the last time, Director Krennic."

    "Vader, I..."

    "No more excuses. What did I tell you when last we spoke."


    "It's NERF or nothing."
    I could live with that as long as the Nerf stuff was removable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueKnite View Post
    Which one? The properly scaled wings one or the POTF2 era ones?
    I hope with the properly scaled wings, but considering the TFA TIE's and before that I think the last OT TIE we got was the Target Vintage ESB TIE Fighter so most likely they will use the small wings. Because of "shelf space" as Hasbro likes to say.. I would say it's a good bet they will reuse the wings from the TFA TIE Fighter, I've taken the wing connector off it and it looks like all they have to do is switch out that connector and they could use that wing for classic or new TIEs, like the other TFA TIE variant. But I would prefer another release of the big wing TIE with the newer cockpit design.

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    Nerf? REALLY? Nerf? ugh...
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    Settle down peeps. The Nerf cannon is possibly removable (based on recent rumors floating around). There's no need to panic yet.

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    I wonder why Hasbro seems to be moving away from regular projectiles that have been and continue to be a staple in boys action toys. I don't think it's safety because plastic projectiles are every where still. Even in younger kids toys. It's like Hasbro just wants to tie Star Wars to nerf. Do they have surplus nerf missles or something?

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    They are trying to make it appeal to kids by adding the Nerf stuff. I guess?
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    ​PLEASE! All this possibly removable is wishful thinking at its best. Star Wars collecting via Hasbro is truly DOA. Seriously, I give up.
    Go check out my "Vintaged Up" custom SANDCRAWLER interiors in the Customizing Thread! My fist attempt at any such venture... And I think it looks pretty dang cool.

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    From facebook. Looking at the description it appears to be designed primarily for atmospheric flight, but is space capable. By the look of the canopy glass on the top rear, it's at least a two seater vehicle in the film. Likely as a toy as well you would think.


    I give up on this image

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    Not much of a fan of this vehicle design, but I can imagine that the Empire would experiment with several different variations of the TIE Fighter design.

    I'm actually more interested in the TIE Pilot figure than anything else. Ever since the return of 5POA, in 2013, a realistic TIE Fighter Pilot has been at the top of my want list.
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