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Thread: U-Wing

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    See you around, kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueKnite View Post
    I don't know why, but this image actually makes me like the U-wing now ... I didn't like it that much from the initial leaks, and teasers/trailers.
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    Leave it to Hasbro to turn a multi-passenger transport into what looks like a single seater, and more nerf guns. I can't wait until the "year of the nerf" comes to an end.

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    Really bummed that a two-pilot troop transport/lander has been turned into a (nerf launching) single pilot fighter.

    That said, the sculpt itself looks pretty good. The TFA vehicles disappointed me so much that I see a lot that I can work with here.
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    Lol you guys know those wings are gonna be pure rubber and sag on day 1 right? I don't think Hasbro will raise the bar just because of a few dodgy X-Wings and TIEs...
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    U Wing looks good, however coming with nerf missiles is stupid. Cmon Hasbro.

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    Like others have said, the sculpt looks great, I love the design......but the scale.....and the Nerf......sigh..........

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    Certainly a pick up when it enevitably gets clearanced. $20-25 sure. 50? No way.
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    Looks pretty cool, but I will likely wait until after I see the movie before I decide if I want to buy it or not. I'm thinking most likely not. If it functioned as a troop transporter and did not have the Nerf feature, I might feel differently.
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    Another 3.75" vehicle in Action Fleet scale. Why not just us some give inch tall figures to go with it?
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