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Thread: Funko POP: Dark Crystal & Labyrinth

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    After picking up the Garthim and mostly completing (minus winged Kira) my Dark Crystal figure collection, I've turned my attention back to the POP figures. I only picked up Ursol from the DC line - which remains my favorite, but after seeing the Chamberlain in person, I decided to add it to my collection as well! I wonder if we'll see anything made for the Netflix Dark Crystal series?

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    I wouldn't be surprised. Funko will license anything to make a buck.

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    Be cool if they did make a Buck Rogers line! Or Battlestar Galactica!
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    I've been browsing TRU and various other stores that focus on movies, gaming, etc - but the supply of DC Pops is apparently gone at retail. I went ahead and ordered Aughra online, and used rewards points, so my final price was under $2. The detail is great, I love how each whisker is a separate piece. The cloak is also sculpted away from the figure and is attached to the arms, which sets it apart from the Reaction figure. I think Aughra may have bumped the Chamberlain out of place as my second favorite DC Pop. Now owning three, I may have to pick up Jen & Kira simply to complete the set! ;p

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    There are photos up for the Dark Crystal Age of Resistance action figure and POP lines!

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    That's awesome. Glad they are doing those new Dark Crystal figures.

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    Awesome awesome awesome. I've never been too big on Funko's action figure quality, but their Dark Crystal figures back when they had the reaction line were great. I'll be glad to add these to the roster.

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    I'm curious to see how much these go for at retail compared to online shops. Some have them for pre-order at $13, but if they show up at places like Target, they'll likely be closer to $10 if they're mass produced, and not a limited release. I'm also interested to know if the articulation will be the same as the Reaction figures, basic 5 POA. They appear to be simply articulated, but Rian looks like he might have elbow and knee articulation - or it may simply be the design of the costume. The figures all look great, the only one that looks slightly off is Aughra, at least compared to the original figure, whos head seemed to be larger.

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    Thought I'd give this thread a bump, since the various DC: AOR lines should be coming out soon. Has anyone spotted the exclusive POPs at retail? I know a Chamberlain is planned for Target, but I havent spotted it. There is also a glow-in-the-dark Deet for FYE, but I havent seen that either. The only one I did spot was Mira at Hot Topic, but I'm not crazy about that design, and at $15, I left it.

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