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Thread: Bandai: Star Wars Model Kits

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    So the way I would approach this is to do a test cut on the neon rack that light sabers came from. Cut a tube off and use one of these dollar store nail file/polishers on one end. It's a 7 step file from coarse to polish. I've used this on kit parts before and the result is actually surprisingly smooth and shiny. Now whether this works on a translucent piece is another thing. But that's why I suggest testing on the neon rack waste first. Good luck.

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    In theory you should be able to polish the translucent plastic to a nice shine. You just have to go finer and finer with the sanding. Once you get to the finest grit, you may even want to switch to a polishing compound with even finer particles sizes.
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    ^exactly. That’s precisely what they do to the aircraft canopies in the videos I posted last page. Works brilliantly.

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    Thanks for help with Grievous sabers guys.
    Been out of town a few days, sorry for slow response.

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    Anybody get one of the new Q2 sets yet? Very curious to see how they handled the various color blocking on the torso. Wonder if those black and white side panels will be just one solid sticker or two individual stickers, since there's a raised edge to the panel.

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    Not a Bandai kit but an X-Wing in progress for a contest on the ArchiveX paint boards.

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    WOW!!! Beautiful!
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    I don't "get" the clear versions, they just feel a little gimmicky to me seeing as we already have the actual versions. That's fine though, each to their own. They remind me of the modern micro-machines which did the X-ray look for some of their items. The only one that vaguely interests me would be the Death Star II as I think you could do something cool with an LED in there perhaps?

    It also makes me think, what is really left to do for model kits? We already have all the major items now which is great. I expect in the not too distant future we'll get an updated ESB version Falcon in the Premium Grade scale.

    I'd like to see a larger scale version of the Rebel Blockade Runner. If they did it with individually linked tracks then a Sandcrawler could be great, particularly with all the internal customisation possibilities. Jabba's Sail Barge with Skiff perhaps? TIE Bomber is a must have. A 1/72 scale AT-AT would be amazing but probably unrealistic. A Super Star Destroyer with regular Star Destroyer as an in-scale size comparison. Shuttle Tyderium would be nice to have again. It would also be great to see the Rancor after all this time. Dewback and Sandtrooper perhaps?

    I wouldn't be very excited by a Cloud Car or Landspeeder model kit but I understand those items have their fans out there. Anyone have any other items they'd like to see and do we think the market is strong enough to support new kits at this stage?
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    I quite like them and will most certainly be looking to add that Millennium Falcon to my collection.

    Can you buy them individually anywhere?
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