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Thread: Fenn Rau

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    Fenn Rau

    Hasbro will be releasing a Fenn Rau action figure in the Rebels line:

    Who's going to pick up this figure? Thoughts on him?

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    Looks bad but I will buy. I am a sucker for mandos

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    I was hoping for this guy but I never thought they'd actually pull the trigger. I'm in.

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    I wonder if the jet pack, or whatever that is on his back, will be removable.

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    Guaranteed it will be removable.

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    I'm not really used to follow these events, but will all these new toys presented at SDCC be released this fall with the Rogue One line?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kareth View Post
    Looks bad but I will buy.
    Same here. It doesn't look quite right. I'm guessing that it suffers from prototype / early version syndrom and will hopefully look better when actually released. At least the paint app. Still, its hard to look at this figure and think about what Pre Visla's figure looked like in comparison. Oh, how far we have fallen.

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    I wouldn't mind a Pre Visla in 5POA to tell you the truth, with 5POA he'd be able to have a more animated look without all the articulated joints. In my mind it could've worked

    Fenn looks like a hand painted sample, the final production piece will look better.

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    Looks cool. I really hope his fighter is in the works (although I liked the original TCW design better). Why they didn't make that ship back in the day instead of that Mandalorian "bus" transport is beyond me.

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