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Thread: Fenn Rau

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    I'm hoping this figure is being held back for retail release, and not canceled. This figure appeals to kids and collectors alike while the final three RO figures are more collector oriented, though the Mon Cal would probably grabs kids attention. I can't see Hasbro wasting the tooling cost either.

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    This is if they ever ordered a production run of him. He may have never made it past the prototype stage.

    Honestly, a Mando doesn't need wings on his jet pack anyway.

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    If it's pushed forward to the next 3.75" 5poa waves after the 40th anniversary, then we might have this season 2 version of Fenn Rau when season 4 of Rebels will start. Another great move from Hasbro here.
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    Seems he will be released this spring in the end :
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    Just received my Fenn Rau yesterday and he's great. decent paint apps, nice details on the flight suit, working holsters, removable jetpack with movable wings (wish there was some more detail on the jetpack instead of the straight blue/grey paint) and helmet.

    I also kind of wish he had more of a scowl on his face like in the cartoon series but still a great figure to add and will definitely work well with other Mandalorian characters.
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    i think this figure fails where the helmet hoses attach to teh chest, the armor is obscured by that box. I feel that could have been done better aesthetically.

    The head and helmet will be useful to put on an SA Mando body though.
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    Sweet Fenn Rau pics. Thanks for sharing.

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    Just received my Fenn Rau figure.

    I made a video for the figure here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoweroftheForce2 View Post
    Just received my Fenn Rau figure.

    I made a video for the figure here:
    May I ask where you got it from?

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    x2 I'd like to know where you got it from. A lot of sellers have Rogue One wave 4 for pre-order but they don't have this figure along with it.
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