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Thread: Grand Admiral Thrawn

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    Definitely don't see any reason that I won't be hunting this down.

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    I see about ten.
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    Hopefully they correct his rank bar for the mass release product -

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    Well atleast it looks like it has the right number of tabs on the rank bar. Should be kinda easy to repaint it to be correct. But it would be a shame if that is what we have to do to fix it. Either way, a new Thrawn figure!

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    Maybe it's the 1990s nostalgia talking, but this is one of the few EU characters that I actually like. I'll probably end up getting this figure, assuming I can find one.
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    I don't collect the animated style figures, but I simply cannot pass up on a new Thrawn.

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    He will fit well in my collection and looks realistic enough to not stand out around regular figures. Hadn't bought Rebels figures until the BAW stuff but I've grown to really like them. Rebels Vader and Ahsoka were fantastic figures.

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