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Thread: Tusken Raider - #41

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    11 for me. 10 to open... 1 to DS.

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    This looks good and I'm down for one. I hope the fabric robe doesn't fray too much.

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    Wow this Tusken Raider looks great, Hasbro is really stepping it up with all these new figures.
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    Definitely buying this!

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    Really surprised this was shown, thought it would be years before getting released, very happy though!

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    Absolutely, positively will buy at least one. 2 or 3 even.
    One of my most coveted figures, and all time favorite SW characters out of all seven films.

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    Depending o the final production figure, I'll need at least one. Right now I just want one for parts to build a custom A'Shared Hett. Guess I need to pickup another Kenobi base.
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    I'm hoping for a deluxe edition with a Bantha.
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    Yeah, I love this figure. So happy it is coming. I don't know if a Bantha will ever get maxde? I would get one though. Luke can finally get roughed a bit now.
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    This is the most exciting new!
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