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Thread: Qui-Gon Jinn - #40

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthDeepDish View Post
    I would like to see more prequel figures. Daultay dofine, rune hako, sebulba, watto, Ben quadinaros, early stage c 3po, ki-adi-mundi, plo koon, Saesee Tiin, even Piell, kit fisto, shaak ti, Captain panaka, nute gunray, Boss Nass, queen amdiala in the red dress, mas amedda and young anakin.
    They really dropped the ball this year for the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace. They should have had an entire wave or at least the equivalent of a wave throughout the year with TPM figures. So far we only have Maul, Qui-Gon and only just now Obi-Wan. So many great characters and designs from that film. I know we're getting Jar Jar but that's next year I believe.
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    I'd kill for a 6" Darth Sidious hologram figure on a TPM card, it's one of my favorite figures and has some strong nostalgia for me

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    It's really odd that they released Qui Gon so far in advance of Young Obi & the Maul re-release. Really hoping we get a re-release as part of Archive Wave III, with better face.

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    Qui-Gon really does need the photo-real treatment so I'd be fine with him being in a future archive wave.
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    I've never seen him 'in the flesh' so to speak. Would photo real work with the wierd 'recessed eyes' that many reviews seem to point out?

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    Yuknow, that 3.75 “ figure was the only TPM release I never saw at retail. A coworker found one for me at a Kentucky outlet store.
    Quote Originally Posted by sith_rising View Post
    I'd kill for a 6" Darth Sidious hologram figure on a TPM card, it's one of my favorite figures and has some strong nostalgia for me

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    I kinda doubt his current head can even be face printed. Remember how his eyes are a separate piece inside the head? Photoreal uses a lot of area to make it look so good and just using the stalks won't be enough if it's possible to even get it to register on such a small spot. Then putting the eyes in then trying to print wouldn't give a flat enough surface I bet. They'd likely have to do some retooling.

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    This is definitely a figure that needs to be redone, somehow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deak_Starkiller View Post
    Droid pack is nice, although something tells me Hasbro might do a STAP w/battle droid as well. But that still leaves plenty of room for repaints as cash cows....i.e. OOM-9, battle droid pilot (blue), etc....
    I just wish they would retool the hips on future Battle Droid releases, so they can take wide-legged stances as well. Security Battle Droids, OOM-9, Pilot Battle Droids and the Ep 1 battle damage variants with actual sculpting detail: sliced, shot, dirty and of course a STAP version. Surely these many variants justify them spending the extra dough on making the ultimate sculpt of this figure.

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    Just notice my Qui Gon's left knee is warping inwards. Anyone else having this issue?
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