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Thread: Celebration Orlando: Exclusives

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    Quote Originally Posted by efranks View Post
    Celebration VI had day specific statues of Darth Bane, Mara Jade, Quinlan Vos and a Death Trooper.
    Good memory, I had totally forgotten about those. They weren't anything I wanted, so I guess that's why I forgot:

    Quote Originally Posted by efranks View Post
    I'm not sure if that's every Celebration and probably not every item. Things like patches, pins, and some prints have definitely been first come, first served and when they sold out they were gone. At CA last year there were some trading pins held back for each day but some of the other stuff wasn't AFAIK.
    I believe they've learned a little bit. The second day of Celebration Europe, almost every T-Shirt and pins that were sold out day 1 were available again, or allowed to be ordered for shipping from the registers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TK_421 View Post
    ...allowed to be ordered for shipping from the registers.
    That option should be available for every item sold through the store.
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    I remember Hasbro didn't have any exclusives for C6 and I am curious if they will have anything for C8. I don't think Hasbro had anything for C7.

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    limited information about the official pin trading went up on the site.

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    Pins are coming back, I like the image used in the announcement. I wonder if it is a hint of what they will look like.

    3 early bird sets will be sold beforehand according to the celebration site

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    if the R2 is part of the art, this is 11tybillion times better than those dumb emojis from London

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    You can bet on exclusive POP figures from Funko, and most likely a 6" Black Series figure from Hasbro.
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    Does anyone know whose art that R2-D2 on the pin is? Jake Art, Skottie Young, Katie Cook? The style looks familiar.

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