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Thread: Celebration Orlando: Tickets

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    Celebration Orlando: Tickets

    Have you already purchased your passes for Orlando?
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    4 Day Pass for me but might just end up going 3 days. I guess I have some time to plan out the schedule
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    Sunday is usually the weakest day in terms of presentations if you're trying to figure out which day to skip. For the last 2 US celebrations the closing ceremonies were kind of weak.

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    Have our 4 day. Bringing the stepdaughter for her first SWC. Watched the Europe celebration on live feed and the closing ceremony wasn't very exciting. Coming early for Disney and Universal.

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    I only bought the 1 day pass for Friday for my wife, son , and myself.
    Flying in Thursday night...
    We leave on the disney cruise on Saturday for 7 days..
    The cruise has a star wars theme day on the 5th day of the cruise...

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    So stupid. They're making me re-order my tickets so I can add a Tshirt, they won't let me order the shirt on the side even though I have an existing order number, and then they'll refund my first tickets lol

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    Finally had everything sorted out in order to go (I live in Denmark) just to realize, that the 4 day passes have sold out. In case anyone got an extra pass that they don't need for some reason please shoot me a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth_B View Post
    Anyone being able to help with a 4 day pass?
    There is a facebook group that is dedicated to people looking for and selling tickets:
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