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Thread: Celebration Orlando: Volunteering

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    Celebration Orlando: Volunteering

    Volunteers are always needed for a multitude of tasks. If this sounds like something you're interested in, but you've never pulled the trigger and you've got questions, post them here.
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    Are there any perks for volunteers?

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    Chris, is there any hope that OP will be back at Celebration? I really enjoyed working with OP at the celebrations.

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    If you commit to working a set number of hours, you get early entry to the convention center each day, a t-shirt, and access to the celebrations store early.

    I think if you do a large number of hours, they'll also refund your original badge purchase.

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    Where do we sing up to volunteer?

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    I've worked for Officialpix for a few celebrations and loved every minute of it. I got to work with Kenny Baker, Carrie Fisher, James Arnold Taylor, and many many more Star Wars stars.
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    Hey, I want to mirror what other people have asked,are there any perks to working crew besides the free t-shirt and lanyard? Feel free to private message me if you do not want to post publicly.

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    The question has been asked a bunch in the FB group. The repsonses I received were. "it depends on how busy you are" which i translated to not likely since they work the volunteers pretty hard. pretty hard put into perspective of course, its not digging ditches

    I did get a pm from a veteran volunteer (every celebration so far) and he said as you move up in the ranks and have experience it is much much better. He some sort of volunteer supervisor now and for this show will be assisting celebs as their back area escort

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    I for one volunteered for both Opx and the con and opx treated their volunteers alot better than the con. And in the past i saw alot of volunteers for the con not doing their job and just walking around. Alot of people complain last celebration about the autograph hall , but it wasnt our fault , we tried to get the lines moving as fast as we could . But when you got these news coming up stopping the lines for their benefit taking up alot of time which i found very disrespectful from them. Then the actor has their pannels and photo sessions which also caused alot of issues. I for one got yelled at by alot of people just cause of all the issues made my time not very pleasant at all. But I have to say opx always had the best crew there, they was like my star wars family.

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