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Thread: Astromech Droids 6 Pack - EE Exclusive

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_sidious View Post
    Can't believe the price this started at, and can't imagine many will pay full price for exclusives going forward. I am only interested in two droids, so if it hits $20, i might buy one.
    TBH, that is on them for the decisions made regarding this set. But yes, after this debacle, I will be less accepting of Exclusives and pricing than I ever was.
    And it is sad because we are far from being finished. Disney should just step up and start selling theirs online!
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    Quote Originally Posted by i_know View Post
    This is on clearance over at EE for $27. May pick one up if I can find enough stuff for free shipping.
    DO NOT go with the $8 FedEx to Postal shipping!!! Mine took 11 FORKING BUSINESS DAYS to get to Kentucky from California and it saw more states than I've seen on its trip...

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    Sorry to resurrect this thread but what mold do the droids in this thread use? Is it a good one in comparison with other R2 molds? Been playing catch up with collecting since I got the barge and I'm thinking of just reprinting the green droid as R2 then giving him a drinks tray. Thanks.

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    All six use the Vintage Collection mold R2-D2 from 2010

    Which is an excellent sculpt and has quite a few built-in features, but is slightly shorter than the Astromech sculpts released between 2000 and 2010
    TVC R2-D2 on the left, Saga Jabba's Sail Barge R2-D2 (2004) on the right

    The shorter scale is supposedly a bit more movie-accurate though.
    I have no idea what the actual R2-D2 release goes for these days, but if you can get one for a fair price or repaint one of the 6-pack, it's among the best R2-D2 versions out there.
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