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Thread: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn

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    That's all true, but if in the end, the Crew gets away, then Thrawn Fails, right?

    Filoni even said, they have to be careful with Vader because they can make him lose too often, yet every time Vader Shows up, the Rebels escape, which means Vader loses.

    If Thrawn can end up killing off at least some of the Rebels, then it will be cool, but I don't think they'll do that on a kids' Show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trooper31 View Post
    You see it with Vader in the Cartoon. He always loses and the Rebels get away. Will we see the same Thing happen to Thrawn or is this the Point where we'll actually see the Rebels Crew start getting captured and killed??) by the Empire?
    I imagine Thrawn will be allowed a few wins, but when he does lose, it'll be in a way that lets him keep his dignity, like Dietrich in The Rat Patrol.
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    I hope you guys are right.

    I got a different Feeling from the interview with him. It sounds like he Kind of has to start over with Thrawn. I'm sure a lot of the elements from the old EU would still work, but he made mention of how he added "Easter Eggs" from the old stuff that Long-time Thrawn fans would catch, but for Newcomers it wouldn't make them feel like they were missing out on something. My fear is that Filoni and the writing Group have put some binders on Zahn and he'll have to stay within those boundaries as well as the boundaries that will be set in Rebels.

    That the book starts further back and Ends just before his appearance in Rebels should give him some leeway, however, my fear is not what Zahn does with the character (because he created him anyway and will probably stay fairly true to what we know about him), but how they use him in Rebels. Zahn's book will be a lot of fun, but once we get to the Cartoon, who knows what will be done to him.
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    I don't see any reason that Thrawn can't be 100% competent and the Rebels can't out think the Imperial forces or even manage to just get lucky and escape. If Thrawn was some kind of invincible villain, he'd be boring because he'd always win and there'd be no tension. Plus, the Empire eventually loses and Thrawn is quite possibly dead (maybe even before A New Hope) so he's clearly not infallible.

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    Someone said they ruled out Mara Jade, he simply said he didn't see her showing up on Rebels for now or soon. Doesn't mean she'll never show up on any show or in another book or such.

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    The Thrawn book by Zahn is the real News here because Filoni had already stated a while back that we would see Thrawn in Rebels. So, the Story Group ok'd Thrawn Long ago and I think it's good that Zahn gets to write the book.
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    I really like this. The other day I was thinking about when I first saw the Heir to the Empire novel back when it was released and how excited I was for a new Star Wars novel. I had to have it and really enjoyed that and the remainder of the trilogy. I haven't been watching or hearing much about the Con but have they said when this will be released?
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    First off, like many others here. I'm very happy that he's been Canonized, and kind of excited about what they'll do with his character!
    That said, I'm still a bit worried what they "might" do with his character.

    Also, why Zahn, is he the only one who can write Thrawn? Not that I don't care for him, but agree with what was said about how he wrote other characters.
    Plus, when is he last time he wrote for SW? Maybe they wanted him for certain reasons, instead of using someone else?

    I'm sure they plan to do things slightly different, or we might just as well reread the old books. As long as they keep his core backstory, it can change a little to suit the needs of the show. And possibly even the movies.

    We'll see.
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    For those that were not present at the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 panel last weekend in London, you really can't even describe the electric shock that went through the entire room. This was one of the coolest Star Wars announcements at a Celebration to date and every single person there knew it. Grand Admiral Thrawn has long been my most favorite Expanded Universe character, so the fact that he's now part of this new canon is just outstanding. I'm also very glad that Tim was given this chance to write the character that he created. April 11, 2017 cannot come soon enough.
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    Agree with all the previously stated sentiments. Had to let out a cheer when I saw this news. Very much lookin' forward to Season 3 of Rebels and this book now.
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