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Thread: Hera Syndulla's A-Wing

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    I might, depending on the the reviews, and if the price is right. Right now it's not looking too good. Hasbro has once again included their Nerf herding obsession into a vehicle. Personally, I was hoping more for a retool of the classic A-Wing mold. This one seems... small, even for an A-Wing (which is essentially just a cockpit strapped to a pair of engines). Plus, I'm not a fan of the cockpit opens. It's too CW Azure Angel.
    See you around, kid.

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    Looks pretty ******. Never had one in hand but on the Falcon it looked like there were no aesthetic issues with the missiles unloaded.

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    Hmmmm....not getting too many new vehicles these days, but may consider this - due to it having the cool A-wing design.

    I do remember how tough the POTF2 A-wing was to find @ retail back in the late '90's. Hopefully this won't be tough to find as well.

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    Really has the McQuarrie feel to it too.

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    I want to like it, but if it's really that small and has a nerf launcher permanently attached to the underside, then no sell.

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    I don't like the nerf feature, but I do like the mold and the paint scheme. Eventhough these new vehicles are smaller and sometimes stubby looking, I've been impressesed with how well they fit in with the vehicles from the ealier lines. I'll probaly end up with a couple if they ever end up at Marshalls ot TJ Maxx.

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    Spoiler Alert Episode VIII!!

    still with me? Interesting that the wingtip cannon design looks identical to the one seen recently during the Royal visit to the Episode VIII set. I think we maybe seeing our first release from the next movie, but obviously with an updated paint job.

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    And yes, I'm in for one...always a sucker for the A-Wing design!

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