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Thread: Hera Syndulla's A-Wing

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    I pulled the springs out of the nerf feature like our man Nighthawk has done in the TIE Striker, took the smaller spring and placed it the opposite end in the opposite side channel on the inside of the cavity to hold the tube back inside it. You could put anything in there to fill it to look like a missile or sensor. I actually have a bullet shaped led tea light. I'm really happy with it and all I have left over is the large spring.

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    Lol so much for that image hosting service.

    Here was the intended comparison to the German jet fighter above. I actually like this vehicle with that minor adjustment. It has a stubby beefier look to it.

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    I really wanted to remove the entire Nerf assembly but it was too hard so I converted it to have retractable cannons. Got the idea from the Phantom.

    Added controls in the cockpit so pilot won't rock around in the cockpit.
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    Like what you did with the Nerf launcher. Very creative.

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    Thanks! It took a while to figure out what to do with it. I wanted to just remove the entire Nerf assembly but didn't know how I would be able to make landing gear for it though and then got this idea when I was tearing apart my TLJ Ski Speeder and saw the cannons.
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    I changed my mind again. Because the guns were too long to retract fully and there is still a gaping hole on the front, I decided to ditch that idea and just make it a Advanced Scout A-Wing or something. Maybe even a transport ship where the bottom portion is used for transporting weapons or something for ground troops or just be part of a sensor array for jamming the enemy. Regardless, I'm happy there is no gaping hole on the front anymore.

    Black Series 6" Tie Fighter Pilot (not the TFA one)
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    Nice pics. This Rebels A-wing is a great little vehicle. Glad I was able to find it for a great sale price about a year ago.

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    Ok, in spite of all my anti nerf ranting, I broke down and bought one once it hit clearance. And I gotta say...
    This is a good sturdy mold. Very playable even for the resident 8 year old.
    The nerf feature is a lot less intrusive and obvious than I expected. When I ordered it, my plan was to remove it. I may leave it as is for now.
    Now to the criticisms...
    I really don't get why they made the cannons hollow. Especially how noticable it is.
    The last thing is the "wings" on the base of the cockpit don't arch downward to match the angle of the fuselage. Yeah, I know, knit picky. But that's just how I am sometimes...

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