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Thread: Baze Malbus & Imperial Stormtrooper

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    I just got this 2-pack today. I am too scared to attempt taking the shoulder pad off my trooper. That just solidifies it for me. I really like the backpack-gun accesory for Baze. Nice 2-pack overall IMO.
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    If you have Amazon Prime and still need Baze, this set is down to $7.91 for Prime members.

    I just recently got Chirrut and had been eyeing this set, so this was a well-timed sale.

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    This set with a few others are now hitting 5 Below. Picked one up for a friend on Friday who had been holding out. Definitely worth the price.
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    Yes, those hit a Five Below in my State but my local 5B gets its delivery truck today. For $5 i'll grab Moroff but if he shows up in the Vintage Collection later on I will use that 5-POA Moroff or fire kindling.
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