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Thread: Captain Cassian Andor (Eadu)

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    Captain Cassian Andor (Eadu)

    ***Please be aware this thread may contain information relating to the Star Wars Rogue One movie, if your avoiding spoilers please leave this thread or read on at your own risk***

    Here's another character that could be made in the Rogue One Toy line - Captain Cassian Andor. Not sure how well he'd sell but who doesn't like some more Rebel fodder?

    Info via Ew:
    Diego Luna (Y Tu Mamá También) plays Capt. Cassian Andor, a Rebel stalwart who anchors the loose cannon Jyn. "He’s an intelligence officer and he’s got quite a bit of combat experience," says Kennedy. He's the quiet type, but that's a soldier's trait of not wanting to talk about the things he's seen. "He has a weariness that he carries," says Hart. "It comes from, 'We’re in it, I’m committed for the long fight, and it’s not something that I came to yesterday.'"

    Thoughts on this Captain Cassian Andor figure?

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    definitely want one of this guy... but I really wish that he was Biggs Darklighter.
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    I'm happy actually it's a new guy. I hate when in Star Wars they try to connect everyone into some small world. Bring on some newbies!

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    Glad to see that he's a new character as well. I know that people would like to see Biggs character fleshed out a bit more. But from a story standpoint, having Biggs take part in the mission that's central to this movie, and then turning up at the end of ANH to attack the Death Star doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    I'm actually waiting to see if people are going to start making Cassian Andor custom figures from parts of previous Biggs figures combined with Colonel Cracken.

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    Some Capt. Cassian Andor speculation:
    could see a few figure variants- heavy with reference images (I hope that's ok here)

    1- The first reveal (Hoth reminiscent) cold environment outfit.

    Looks awesome with plenty of tactical gear and rifle.

    This outfit will likely place him in the "tundra" like setting and environment, shot I believe in Iceland.
    Where we see from the trailer the burning homestead like moisture vaporators and in the EW pics the the Death-Trooper holding a doll

    2- The main Yavin (mission launch) Captain outfit ..all brown with jacket side arm and holster..etc..

    This outfit without the jacket also places him on the tropical planet,

    and a third variant

    3- I'm calling it the Sniper Vest version has shown up in some art -

    And the EW cover

    Adds the vest, and an unusual for Star Wars universe a belt loaded with what appears to be bullet cartilages... Hence i'm thinking he'll do some wicked sniper action.

    Looks like a really cool character, looking forward to see which his first main figure will be, and any variants!

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    I'd prefer the one in teh sixth and seventh image. Otherwise it's just too similar to both of Han's cold weather jackets.
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    I'm going to buy a few extra of this guy for Han Solo customs

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    And a 4th potential variant for Cassian is Imperial outfit disguise.

    That's him wrassling with the Storm trooper while Jyn takes the other guy.

    Not very interesting alone but it might make a decent two-pack.

    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    I'd prefer the one in teh sixth and seventh image. Otherwise it's just too similar to both of Han's cold weather jackets.
    Yeh my favorite is his standard on Yavin look, brown jacket/holster etc, very reminiscent of 78 Galactic actually.
    And the potential "sniper vest" outfit. Which as far as I can see just appears added over the other jacket plus the bullet cartage belt?
    As far as I know other than in pics, we haven't actually seen any footage of it yet.

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    Looks like his standard uniform will come with the miniature U-Wing (see scale rants in the U-Wing thread)

    The Cassian figure looks cool though.

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