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Thread: The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

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    The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

    With kind permission from Mike:

    We are all fans of the Chive Cast podcast, but there is another that is published in harmony with the Vintage Pod: The Vintage Rebellion!
    We are so much in alliance that this year, we have had Steve on our show and Grant has been on the Chive Cast. Two fairly different show formats but both aimed at Vintage collectors. Both worth subscribing to.

    I urge you to give us a go, our podcast generally last between 4-5 hours but we only do one a month so you have plenty of time to listen to them.
    We have been going for 2 years and are things appear to be going from strength to strength. We’ll all be at Celebration Europe, we are doing a live cooperation recording with Gus (representing the Chive Cast), and both Grant and i are involved with additional panels, Grant is on the collecting Track.
    Our latest podcast is episode 25. We were originally called the SWFUK podcast, episodes 1-13 were all produced as the SWFUK, however after our live podcast stage and fan table at Anaheim last year we listened to the feedback and changed our name to reassure people that you didn’t need to be a Brit to listen and we were completely independent of all forums/facebook groups etc. Episode 14- the present are in the new format. All podcasts are still available.

    We pride ourselves on packed shows where the majority of voices you hear are from our guests, and boy do we have a lot of them. I also almost always include items from the RS latest acquisitions thread.

    This is what waits you in Episode 25

    A month out from Celebration Europe and the Vintage Rebellion boys hit you with their longest podcast to date!

    The show is packed with guests from start to finish and there truly is something for every collector in this months show. Marc Hockley is the guest interview this month as he discusses his collecting history, life size figures, 12 inch figures and his love of trade catalogues, along with many other items and stories along the way.

    Continuing along the 12 inch discussion, 12 inch king pin Lee Bullock joins Grant Criddle for this months Oddballs whilst Pete Davis chats with both Mete Akin regarding Uzays and gets an update from Star Wars tracker main man Jared Cope.

    On this months Rebel Briefings the Rebellion are joined by THREE guests! Stephane Faucourt joins Richard to discuss his latest Meccano book, Craig Spivey joins the team again to chat about his collection going on view for the public and Simon Graham chats with grant regarding the amazing Biker Scout helmet designs which will be on show at Celebration Europe. Talking of Celebration, the team announce giveaways, panels and the booth that we will all be involved in at the event.

    And as if that wasn't enough guests Oliver Sudweeks joins me in the New Acquisitions to speak about his stunning Pink Poncho Leia carded sample and gives us some informative background on the item. Also on this months NA the team discuss AT-ST Walker's, Jawas, Diecast, Acamas masks amongst many other items.

    Not only our longest show but probably our most action packed show too! Enjoy!

    Thank you RS, sorry about the ramble

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    Great episode and keep up the good work!
    The Star Wars Collectors Archive Vintage Podcast:
    Now in its 8th Season and 6th Year WAMPA WAMPA!!!
    (A Chewbacca Collection The Chewseum)

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    The Vintage Rebellion return after their extended break with their longest podcast to date, beating the previous longest by a staggering 26 minutes, good luck to those who listen to this in one sitting!

    Joining the team this month for an interview is a well known name in the collecting community, Mattias Rendahl, Mattias talks about his books, preproduction and growing up in Sweden with Star Wars amongst many other things.

    Also this month, David Moss of Toy Polloi returns to the show to discuss the restoration of Vintage Star Wars. David discusses restoring toys fit for the bin, sometimes using techniques seen by some as controversial to hardcore collectors. This months Oddball section hopes to trigger some interesting conversations and highlight some of David's incredible restorations.

    An extended rebel briefings sees much discussed from the charming message in a falcon story, fake wollworth baggies, Palitoy 30 back fetts, Meccano Fett world record sale as well as many other stories being discussed in the community. We also hear some interviews from Celebration from various collectors who attended the event.

    Mattheiu Barthelemy join the team during the Newest Acquisitions segment to discuss his recent purchase of a Meccano Landspeeder, whilst the boys also look at other stand out buys within the collecting community.

    We have a Celebration break down, rapid fire and the usual song, as the Rebellion return to what they do best. ENJOY!!!
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    Hi Rich,

    I received your message and updated the thread title as per your request. Lemme know if I can be of help with anything else as the thread progresses.

    Buying vintage prototypes, snowtrooper rarities, & Kenner employee memorabilia

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    Thanks Mike
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    The Vintage Rebellion return with a slightly delayed show, but another epic show nonetheless.

    This months main interview is with UK collector and friend of the podcast Simon McOwan. We discuss his Trilogo last 17 run that he's just completed, HC Ford and Sons record erasers amongst many other things, including his failed business enterprise with Dave Tree 16 years ago.

    In Rebel Briefings, Rich covers a host of topics as he discusses AFA, Selling up, Javier's PBP book, Jawa prices going crazy and he also selects his highlights from Johnpaul Ragusa's Q&A that he participated in on Facebook group 'Jabba's Palace'.

    Tony Damata joins Grant as they discuss in depth Vintage Star Wars music collecting, whilst Pete brings us a third part of the toy shop interviews as he speaks with Chris Hand from the Leicester Vintage Toy Shop.

    As Usual Jez delves into the world of collectors newest acquisitions, this month he looks at vintage soap, Yoda hand puppets and miscard's amongst many other stunning items picked up within the community.

    As well as all this and some other cracking nuggets, Rich decides to give humour a try, if that doesn't make this show a vital download then I don't know what will. The blokes totally quackers!!!

    Enjoy the show.
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    Thanks Matthieu! Your support is always appreciated.
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    The Vintage Rebellion return with a shorter show (but still generally longer than most other podcasts) after such a short period since the last show.

    Todd Hudson joins the Rebellion to discuss his collecting habits as he delves into his past to discuss his once impressive Chewbacca focus, and more up to date collecting as examine his love of preproduction collectibles including Revenge Proofs, 4 ups, Boxflats amongst many other items.

    Criz Bee of and Galaxy of Toys and ToyRun Podcasts joins Grant for this months oddballs as they look at modern collecting with a Vintage Twist, a real must listen from a true modern expert.

    Chris Georgoulis joins Richard for Rebel Briefings for an educational and fascinating discussion as he was reunited with a Wax Sculpt head and Tusken body. Marc Walsh also returns to the show to discuss his new shop that he's recently opened in Blackpool.

    Pete brings us a look at the recent Propstore Auction in this months Market, and be sure to listen on at the end of the show as Rich goes into meltdown!!!!!!

    Enjoy the Show!!!
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    Awesome job guys! I've been listening now for a few months and always enjoy your show. Keep up the great work!!
    Wanted: Jawa sample proofs,a textured cape Leia, and any Boushh proofs. I'm also currently looking for a 21 ESB back Leia Organa proof. I have cash and many great trade items!
    My Feedback:

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