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Thread: The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

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    I enjoyed that link. Well done!
    Did you enjoy my little storm, Ewoks?”—Morag the Tulgah Witch

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    thank you!
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    Catching up on episodes in Paradise while waiting for the rest of the family to wake up.

    (yes, shameless humble brag )

    Great stuff; really enjoying the episodes!

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    Nice view!

    Episode 62 features an interview with not one but two collectors and traders. joining Stuart and Richard is Richard Temple and Ben Potter, owners of Toys of Tatooine. The lads discuss trading, collecting, oddball items as well as delving into numerous finds including a 380 Logray MOC find.

    Rebel Briefings sees Rich tackle all the important issues from around the hobby over the last four weeks. He takes us through a look at Modern pre-Production Items, Shill bidding accounts which were recently exposed, asks the question whether grading companies are favourable to repeat customers and we say a sad farewell to one of the podcast team.

    Jez blows us away with the by far the longest Newest Acquisitions ever, a hole host of items are discussed, from helix Pencil Sharpeners to an array of MOCs. he then delves into an in depth look at cardbacks and finally rounds off the section with a look at the X-Wing where the Rebel Alliance drop by to help out.

    Pete continues the X-Wing loving in Beyond the Newest Acquisitions, so many non toy items feature the x-wing, what will the big man pick out to discuss?

    As well as all this we have the usual quizzes, hear about the disappointment of no summer Farthest From and take a look at a diorama that has been built using an old playset base. All this plus much much more on this months Vintage Rebellion.

    Enjoy the show!!!

    0. 04. 23 TVR team acquisitions
    0. 23. 53. No summer Farthest From!
    0. 34. 45. Congratulations to Chive Cast Skye Paine
    0. 35. 05. TVR now available on Spotify
    0. 35. 35. Dioramas using recycled parts
    0. 45. 05. Quiz
    1. 15. 02. Rebel Briefings
    1. 15. 57. Modern Preproduction
    1. 28. 06. Shill Bidding exposed
    1. 53. 01. Do grading companies favour repeat customers?
    2. 01. 27. Podcast departure
    2. 15. 10. Interview with Richard Temple and Ben Potter
    3. 20. 15. Newest Acquisitions
    4. 02. 33. Cardbacks (part of NA)
    4. 44. 03. x-Wing (part of NA) (joined by Chris G from Vintage Alliance)
    5. 41. 11. Beyond the Newest Acquisitions
    6. 04. 19. Star Wars Tracker Top 5
    6. 05. 55. Going for Gold Leader
    6. 11. 41. Feedback
    6. 54. 13. Out takes
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    Great show and sad to hear about Jez hanging up the mic.

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    The Vintage Rebellion rumbles on post Jexit, as Stuart, Richard and Pete are joined by two of the five rotating guest hosts, this month we welcome Edd Grant and Jason Smith on board to help us with the void that Jez leaves.

    Pete takes control of the interview this month as he completes his trilogy of Toy Shop interviews, this time it is Chris Malbon for Metropolis that joins him for a chat.

    Richard is joined by David Quinn, Dan Loisell and Brent Scotchmer to discuss this years ICCC event and what will be different from last years. Rich also looks at a fantastic fund raising raffle over on Tantive as well as an early look at 'The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker Project'. With help from attendee Jason, Rich also reviews the recent LFCC event.

    Pete introduces his new section, 'License to Thrill', where he looks at one vintage license each month. This month sees UK show company, Clarks, delved into, but why no shoes from Clarks in the UK during the line? Baffling!!!

    Newest Acquisitions returns without it's natural leader, but the lads take on a shorter section looking at Kenner Lightsabers, John Menzies, Dairylea, beater MOCs and Handmade figures before finishing with their main topic, this month it's the Kenner Death Star, and as always we have The Vintage Alliance drop by to help us out once again, this time we hear from Ron Salvatore.

    As well as all this we hear the TVR shenanigans on a recent Star Wars weekender and as usual the quiz. thanks to grant sharing the back seat of a car with Stuart we also see the return of the song!!!

    All this plus much more on this months Vintage Rebellion Podcast.

    Enjoy the Show!


    00.00.53. Welcomes
    00.04.17. TVR Acquisitions
    00.18.21. TVR Weekend Get Together
    00.31.22. Terms : "Entry Level" MOCs
    00.34.01. Luke Stormtrooper Trilogo : Black or Blue/Black blasters?
    00.36.41. Quiz
    00.59.14. Rebel Briefings
    01.00.13. RB : ICCC19 with David Quinn, Dan Loisell and Brent Scotchmer
    02.01.20. RB : Tantive the Forum Raffle
    02.03.51. RB : The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker Project
    02.07.28. RB : LFCC Review
    02.12.15. Interview with Chris Malbon of Metropolis
    03.14.53. License to Thrill : Clarks
    03.55.43. Song
    03.59.14. Newest Acquisitions
    03.59.36. NA : Kenner Lightsaber
    04.03.04. NA : John Menzies
    04.16.03. NA : Dairylea
    04.24.03. NA : Beater Hoth Stormtrooper MOC
    04.29.53. NA : 1978 Handmade Figure Set
    04.33.20. NA : Main Topic - Kenner Death Star featuring Ron Salvatore of The Vintage Alliance
    05.00.57. Star Wars Tracker Top 5
    05.02.17. Going for Gold Leader
    05.07.35. Feedback
    05.15.59. Thank Yous / next Two Hosts Announced / Goodbyes
    05.21.33. Out Takes
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    Great podcast! Enjoyed it.

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    ***** Episode 64 Live *****

    The Vintage Rebellion welcome Andrew Preston and Mark Daniels to take us through Episode 64 as this months rotating guests.

    Alistair Kirkland takes Stuart and Richard through his expansive and impressive collection during this months main interview, Stuart's delighted as Alistair is a Sigma nut who has recently finished his Sigma run.

    Rich is joined by Ben Sheehan as they take a look at the new book from Kim Simmons. As well as this Rich guides us through his time at the Star Wars Annual event before celebrating the fact that Farthest From has a Christmas date.

    Pete continues his License to thrill section, this month looking at a license close to his heart and focus, Deka.

    NA sees the lads look at a whole array of items including Walkie Talkies, Huffy Push Bikes and Knitted Cardigans and finishes with a focal look at Boba Fett.

    All this plus the usual quizzes, Rapid Fire and a countdown to the awesome Echo Live event.

    And much more inbetween.

    Enjoy the Show!!!

    Show Time Stamps

    0.00.53 Welcomes
    0.03.31 Thank You To The Listeners
    0.04.48 Trailer Discussion (Ep9 and Madalorian)
    0.11.57 Echo Live
    0.14.18 Chance Meeting with Stuart Freeborn
    0.23.02 TVR Acquisitions
    0.37.49 Quiz
    1.06.00 Rebel Briefings
    1.06.55 Interview with Ben Sheehan (Kim Simmons Book)
    1.33.17 Star Wars Annual Review
    2.09.57 Farthest From Announced
    2.15.09 Interview with Alistair Kirkland
    3.14.51 License To Thrill : Deka
    3.44.32 Newest Acquisitions
    3.44.48 NA - Sears Diecast Landspeeder Mailer
    3.45.46 NA - Boba Fett Hand Knitted Cardigan
    3.48.33 NA - Toy Toni Gamorrean Guard
    3.53.43 NA - Huffy Push Bike
    4.01.59 NA - Oral B Store Display
    4.07.25 NA - Sheet Music
    4.13.20 NA - Ralph McQuarrie ESB Portfolio
    4.17.49 NA - Actone Walkie Talkies
    4.20.41 NA - Main Topic : Boba Fett
    4.53.56 Star Wars Tracker Top 5
    4.55.27 From The Vault : From Ep22 with Brian Rachfal and Brendi Burton
    5.31.51 Rapid Fire with Alistair Kirkland
    5.34.55 Going for Gold Leader
    5.37.25 Feedback
    5.43.12 Podcast Departure
    5.44.53 Goodbyes
    5.46.58 Out Takes
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    Used to be cc4rhu but changed to avoid "confusion for no reason."

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    This last episode was Great, but sad at the same time. Stuart is leaving the Podcast Man I start listening to the podcast and Simon leaves, then Jez and now Stuart NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I miss all three previous hosts, but I KNOW Rich and Pete will keep the BEST Podcast Rocking and Rolling!

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