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Thread: Celebration Europe: Swag

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    Anyone doing there own trading cards for CE?

    I expect the 501st and Rebel Legions will be handing out theirs
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    if anyone can hook me up with a General Madine beard that would be AWESOME.
    Longing for the Good Old Kenner Days where SW Figures were in great supply and everyone was able to find their favorite characters etc..... Hasbro you need to follow this example ! Twitter: @SWChamp

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    This Button is for trade against your Swag stuff or Beer 😄
    German Kenner Logo with German Flag behind and a very limited Edition of 10 each day with UK Flag behind.
    Thanks a lot to Marcus for the help.

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    Hey guys, I'm getting everything packed up for the trip to London. I've got these pins to trade and you can identify me because I'll be wearing one of these shirts! I'm pretty tall so you probably will see me at least once on the showroom floor. I'm looking forward to trading for all the cool stuff I've seen others made.

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