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Thread: Model Kits- Bandai, Fine Molds, Revell, etc

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    Finally found a miniature Bandai Star Destroyer for a good price and free international shipping. She arrived yesterday. What a neat little model. The detail is stunning for such a tiny model (around 11cm long). I can't wait to put it together, though I am nervous about how I will paint this one!

    I really hope Bandai do more capital ships in this size range. I'm on the hunt for a good First Order Star Destroyer at around the same size.

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    I was quite fortunate to pick up an Argonauts 1:144 Millennium Falcon model, unmade and in the box for a decent price last week. I still need to find an Anigrand version.

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    I was wondering what happened to this thread.

    A good model kit is the TIE Droid resin kit from Scale Solutions. If you go to this link, go to the shop page, then go to their ebay store. I found it through Unreality, and he helped me with prepping it.

    I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out, especially the color for the TIE I used. It's Fenrisian Gray from Games Workshop Paints for anyone curious.

    A definite pickup, especially if you played the original Rogue Squadron.

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    If anyone is wondering, the new Revell kits are fairly nice for a 20 dollar price tag. I haven't bought the AT-ACT yet, but the U-wing is quite detailed. I have a build log on my website, but here's a pic of it next to some similarly scaled Titaniums:

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    I'm really disapointed Revell didn't make the Tie Striker.
    "Bobby U-Wing"

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    Only a matter of time, surely.

    Its nice to see the U Wing next to other models. I keep forgetting that it's not a fighter. Anyone got any news on the new, smaller Bandai models?

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    Early January is when the new Bandai kits should hit.

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    Looks fantastic. Nice pic, Unreality. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Not sure about how valid this informations is, but this is in the comment of that video :

    Since we're getting a Bandai Tie Striker it's not that bad. And I think I might give the Revell U-Wing a try.
    "Bobby U-Wing"

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    I was actually just popping in to this thread to see if anyone had seen or knew when the big Star Destroyer set from revell was coming out.

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