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Thread: Skull Wars kickstarter campaign - Star Wars parody skull collectibles 3DKitbash

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    Have you tried printing any of the files yet? I have the Gamorrean and Salacious Crumb done and they look good. Crumb required quite a bit of support material, which kind of surprised me. I'm not sure if it will be realistic to print most of these life size or not (certainly not the rancor!), but I did get Crumb to be more or less life sized by printing him at 120%.

    I would have more printed by now but ran into a bug with Simplify3D. Twice I had the Crumb model print 2/3rds of the way and then stop. I thought something was wrong with my printer or the model, but it turns out that if your SD card is nearly full, Simplify3D will just save part of the model to the card and not give you any kind of error message. Annoying!

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    I am just printing the jaw for Bossk, and he's awesome. The scale/bone plates on him look so good. The jaw separated from the bed about 3/4 through, so I am printing it again. As is, it seems about quarter scale. Roughly (a little bigger) than the Jakks 18" Bossk.

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    Here's what I have so far. Unfortunately I have to send my printer off for service so I can't print the rest of the skulls I have, but I will do it as soon as I can. I think they look pretty amazing!

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    These look great! Would anyone be willing to print out an Ackbar skull? I'd love to add it to my Ackbar focus. I can pay shipping and handling plus whatever the cost is for supplies/time! (Jealous of you people with your 3d printers!) I missed the kickstarter this summer and not sure if I can order from them directly a completed skull....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty_Jabba View Post
    You can buy them from Shapeways although they are quite a bit smaller than what I printed.

    Perfect! Thank you!

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    Quincy from 3DKitbash, maker of the Skull Wars 3d print files teased on Facebook about his involvement with Uncle Milton and his Skull Wars idea called Xcavations. I haven't seen Rebelscum cover it yet, but here's a great video showing them.

    They have blind pack Creature Crates of single 2" ish skulls (4.99), and 2 full skeleton models of Rancor and TaunTaun (19.99).
    Really excited for them, and so happy for Quincy!

    (looks like there is also a Jurassic Park line from Xcavations too)
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    Words can't describe how excited I am for that rancor skeleton. Has anyone been able to find out release date info?

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    Maybe I'm missing it but has there been any confirmation of scale for the full skeletons? If they are anywhere even close to 1:18 I don't know how anyone can pass on them lol

    I see the prototypes from TF I just didn't know if there were like 2-ups or something.
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    A little birdie told me about these a little before they were announced, but I'm glad to see good photos and video of them. They look great. My only concern is the "excavation" aspect for the full skeletons, since I bought a similar toy for my son years ago and found it frustrating to actually get the fossil out. They indicated that they may send me some of these to review for my YouTube channel, so we'll see.

    By the way, I printed a gigantic version of the rancor skull for my review of the Creality CR-10 S5 3D printer.

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