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Thread: Celebration Europe: Meet Up & Drinks

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    Celebration Europe: Meet Up & Drinks

    As a Star Wars Celebration virgin, I wondered who else is flying solo and fancied getting a group together for drinks while they in town?
    It would be good to meet some similar minded fans and collectors as this is my first time at an event of this scale.
    I am from London so I am happy to show people around or suggest venues for drinks or a night out.

    Get in touch!


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    Started researching this part of the trip this week, haha!

    What are some good places for cocktails? What about for grabbing a beer? Anything good around the convention center?

    Sorry for all of the questions! Hopefully we can all meet up, one big rebelscum party!


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    I'm up for this. Stayed with a ISDAvenger from the forum in Anaheim and it was great meeting people from the forum.

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    I've never done a forum meetup, sounds like a great idea. I've got a three-day press pass and I'm hoping to interview some of the talent while I'm there, but no one is confirmed yet.

    I'll be travelling over from Ireland and may be flying solo ... which could be a bit lonely!

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    What days are people going? Or is everyone there for all three days?

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    I'm going all 3 days. I suppose almost everyone that's going on here will be going for the duration of Celebration. Hopefully a meetup happens.

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    Social hour?

    Someone knows if there'll be a "social hour" during the next Celebration Europe?
    I'm looking for Meccano items, 4-ups, proof cards... check my want list .

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