Hi everybody,

An update on our forum platform status and plans.

You've undoubtedly noticed we are experiencing some issues keeping this forum online. We are working hard to keep it running while we prepare for a migration to a different software platform. We believe the new one will better suit our needs and will have fewer issues with regards to reliability.

Due to the large size of the forum, the migration is anticipated to take a number of days to complete, during which the forum will be offline.

There is a big change that will come with the new forum I want to begin to tell you about now.

The new forum will include multiple levels of access, with the most basic being free, but some enhancements will have a moderate cost if you wish to take advantage of them. Details on those items, and how we will transition, will come soon.

100% of the funds collected for this will be donated to Rancho Obi-Wan each month for at least the first year, with the intention to continue each year going forward. I'm sure I don't need to tell anybody here why this is a great organization to support.