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Thread: 75188 Resistance Bomber

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    75188 Resistance Bomber

    Thoughts on this set? Who's going to be purchasing it?

    Play out action-packed LEGO® Star Wars: Episode VIII missions with the Resistance Bomber. This feature-packed model includes a button-activated bomb release function, spring-loaded shooters, 2 opening rear gun turrets with space for a minifigure, elevating rear guns, a 2-minifigure front cockpit with detachable canopy and a removable top section for easy access. It can also stand on any even surface when not in use. This set includes 5 minifigures.

    • Includes 5 minifigures: Poe Dameron, Vice Admiral Holdo, Resistance Gunner Paige, a Resistance Bomber Pilot and a Resistance Bombardier.
    • Features a bomb release function with 6 bombs, 2 spring-loaded shooters, 2 opening rear minifigure gun turrets, elevating rear guns, 2-minifigure front cockpit with detachable canopy, removable top section for easy access and a flat base.
    • Poe's blaster pistol also included.
    • Load the bombs through the top hatch and press the button to release them.
    • Measures over 13” (34cm) high, 15” (39cm) long and 11” (28cm) wide.
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    Oh I bought it and it's awesome. Actually stands up on its end and the bomb feature is nice. I also but crew in all positions and chase my daughter around bombing her into submission. This is one of the better sets. Each figure has a unique helmet print. Also comes with oxygen tank backpacks which store on the inside. Well worth it compared to some of the other ones.

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    Just watched Jang's review of this set. It looks great and has fantastic play functions. The only downside is the price. $110 for 780 pieces is nuts. I'll be patient and wait until they hit 30% off or more.

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    Really looking forward to this set. I love how LEGO designers too the time to refine the vehicle from about every angle, minimal anti studs visible. Always appreciated. Also the minifigure are a selling point
    always interested in trading for SH figuarts, HASBRO and sideshow 12" and Episode one collectibles

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    I thought it was an excellent set. I was worried that it would be fragile but she built up really sturdy. I was confused by the figures included though after watching TLJ. I understand it as an excuse to give us Holdo but why Poe? Why not just another unique pilot/crew member. Out of all of the Fall 2017 released sets, this is my favorite although Kylo's Silencer is a close second.

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    Yeah, this was a phenomenal build and it's got a great shelf presence. I'll never get tired of seeing the neat ways Lego makes these mechanics work. The bomb-dropping feature is executed really well and it's just an all-around great ship. I wish it did more in the movie, but the sequence it featured in was pretty killer.

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    the ballad of finch dallow

    in early september of 2018 a mysterious resistance pilot surfaced.

    it was quickly deduced that the fig was actually the pilot that belonged with the crew of the lego resistance bomber - 75188, but was not included in that set. not just a random pilot, but one that had screen time and a name. but, that is not anything uncommon, as lego often works with concept and/or pre-release info. at the time theories swirled, from a microfighter to a phantom resistance shuttle.

    time passed, finch faded from minds, january releases came and went. then the fig surfaced again, and more people started wondering. the community was abuzz, who, how, why, where. somewhere along the way the actor’s instagram was found and it showed some shocking and surprising information. not only was the actor seen with the fig but he was claiming that super exclusive limited edition sets with him in it was imminent. a video on the instagram account showed him unboxing 5 resistance bomber sets - 75188, with new box art and new instructions showing that the fig in the set had changed. searching the lego instructions showed the new one as well. had images showing the changed figs. again, who, what, how, why? more buzz in the community, people wanted their finch, they wanted to know why the change occurred. how could they get this elusive fig too. after all the actor was given a bag of figs in addition to the obviously changed and updated sets.

    the real reason behind the change may never be known, but rumours abound.

    there are updated sets in the wild and collectors are scrambling, one even paid 156 pounds on ebay for their own copy of just the fig.

    happy hunting.

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    Thanks Tidy. With all the reports going up on various sites I couldn't follow the real story.

    As I read it there was a last-minute running change right before the set got retired, and LEGO swapped out one generic bomber crew minifig for a character minifig.

    Here's the character's wiki entry and a pic of the minifigs.

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    it's even odder as i had heard the set stopped production in september but was quickly started up again for this limited run ...

    there are now reports of the production of the minifig has started once again to satisfy the demand by all the angry and rabid fans flooding lego with requests and such ...

    i saw an official response from lego, but can't seem to find it again ...

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    I am happy to have bought this set. It was really great. It looks much better in photos

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