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Thread: Piece identifying help!

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    Piece identifying help!

    Howdy friends. I came across these two pieces just sitting in a box with a V-Wing and old Falcon (not sure which one as it's smallish). Anyway, the only Lego sets in my house are the 7675 AT-ST, 6208 B-Wing and the 75039 V-Wing. It doesn't seem to go to any of them that I can tell. Any ideas what set these two might belong to?




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    That's a tough one. I looked up all minifigure scale Falcons except the UCS ones and didn't come across that big light grey curved piece.
    I looked up the red 1x2 plate and tan smooth spherical pieces (brick yellow slide shoes) on the bottom of the large grey piece. They're in the following Star Wars sets:

    bright red 1x2 plate

    brick yellow slide shoes

    It's also possible it's from a non-SW set. The shape suggests some sort of escape pod. None of the droid escape pod sets look like it though.

    Scratch that, just found the Tantive IV containing the large part in white. On your picture it appeared light grey.
    All sets containing this part:
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    Wow, that's some amazing detective work, thank you! That is bizarre, I have none of those sets yet this part is just sitting around. Wonder if I just came across it somewhere or it's from and old thing long ago.

    Thanks for your help. Good to know that it isn't something I needed to find a home for on the sets I have here at the moment.
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