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Thread: "All Must Go" Sale (Lucas, Carter, Oz, Holland, John Williams....) NEW ITEMS

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    "All Must Go" Sale (Lucas, Carter, Oz, Holland, John Williams....) NEW ITEMS

    Hello everyone, (UPDATE April 11, 2019-Price Drops!)

    I have some major things going on in my life and need to liquidate some things to get cash for that purpose. I am open to offers. Please ask, the worst I can say is no. I will be adding more and trying to keep this updated as I go.

    Anways, newest stuff on top. REDUCED PRICES MAY 5

    Jimmy Smits signed trading card "Bob Best Wishes)--Not the prettiest, but the inscription could be taken off--$20

    Lorne Peterson "SW 1975" Index--$20

    Roger Kastel signed photo card (about 4x6--standard photo size, he signed the back. Note there is not tape on the card itself but on plastic holding the card in my binder)--$20 *PENDING*


    (Reverse of above with signature


    Ronnie Falk (Dex from Episode III) "MTFBWY Always"--$10 "Dex"--$10 (2 for $15) *PENDING*


    Card from Ronnie Falk, with signature, explaining his time working with Ewan MacGregor-$20 *PENDING*

    Tom Sylla--voice of battle droid--"Roger Roger" index card-$10

    Tom Sylla--Pick your phrase--$10

    Tom Sylla--Letter signed at the bottom explaining his roles in the films--$15

    Brian Blessed (Voice of Boss Nass)--To Bob. Either card $10, two for $15

    Sal Fondacaro "Ewok"--You pick--top, middle, or bottom--$5 each, all 3 $12

    John Dykstra--"Best Visual Effects Star Wars '77"--$20

    John Mollo "Costume Designer"--$20 *PENDING*

    Barrie Holland "To my friend Bob Konrad" could be cut off--$10

    Austin Powers poster, signed by Clint Howard and Verne Troyer, $30

    Game of Thrones 8x10s--all were immediately placed in clear cases and protected.

    Jason Momoa--$70

    Rory McCann-- $30


    Gwendolyn Christie-- $30

    Julian Glover-- $30


    Miltos Yeremolou-- $10


    Charles Dance-- $30


    Maisie Williams--$30

    Mark Lewis Jones...$10

    Alfie Allen--$30

    Ray Dotrice--$40

    All GOT photos include the plastic 8x10 cover.

    Add in $10 for shipping domestically for all pieces, cards $5 domestic shipping.

    I'm going to make the multi-signs in the post below available again. Here is the full detail so as to know what you are getting--These are in the post below this one.

    Episodes I, II, III--take the lot for $300.

    SOLD***Episode I, IV, and VI photos/borders were purchased at Disney. The artwork is all Drew Struzan. For continuity, I tracked down the artwork for the other films. For Episode V, I found an unmatted print and simply added my own white matte frame and plaque at a framing shop. Episodes II and III are a bit trickier. I purchased original artwork that was slightly smaller than the prints I had for the other films. A local print shop then matched the cardstock paper and scanned/ re-printed the artwork for E II and III on the larger-sized paper. I then had them framed on the standard white matte frame. So, while they are all original pieces, I don't want anyone to feel rooked by the fact that there is a slight difference in the design (as the printer couldn't precisely match the font).

    Every single autograph was witnessed by me in person. I honestly wish I would've never had reason to part with them, but times being what they are, I need to. If you purchase them this weekend, I will let the lot go for $1,100. I have some medical procedures and a wedding upcoming and could really use a bit of a miracle. Hence, I'm basically selling everything I have from my autograph collection.

    Please shoot me an offer. I am constantly checking in to see if there is any action on these.

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    Starting it off are my prized possessions--my multi-signed....These are a labor of love. I have personally witnessed each signature added and have the dates, in some cases the tickets, and the events where I got them recorded. I would prefer to sell the 6 as a lot, but I will split them if there is interest. Just make sure you cherish them. They are beautiful artwork. The original Struzan prints were purchased at Disney World and then I had a few made and framed to match. There is a piece for all 6 of the pre-re-launch films--Episodes I-VI. Here we go

    A New Hope. Signed by: Mark Hamill (Luke), Carrie Fisher (Leia), Paul Blake (Greedo), Richard LeParmentier (Adml Motti), Garrick Hagon (Biggs), Roger Christiansen (set design), Chris Muncke (Capt. Khurgee), Lorne Petersen (Set Design), Jon Berg (Set Design), Bryan Muir (Vader Helmet Designer) $500

    The Empire Strikes Back: Gary Kurtz (Producer), John Morton (Dak), Julian Glover (Veers), Ed Jones (Set Design), Dave Prowse (Darth Vader), Chris Parsons (4-LOM), Chris Malcolm (Zev) $250

    Return of the Jedi: Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Kenny Baker (R2-D2), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Robert Watts (Producer), Warwick Davis (Wicket), Tim Rose (Ackbar), Katie Purvis (Maternal Ewok), Dermot Crowley (Crix Madine), Felix Silla (Glider Ewok), Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), Deep Roy (Droopy McCool), Mike Quinn (Nien Nunb), Ben Burtt (Sound Effects), Mike Edmonds (Logray), Phil Fondacarro (Ewok), Trevor Butterfield (Bossk), Caroline Blakiston (Mon Mothma), Nick Molloy (Yoda), ****ey Beer (Boba Stunts), Alan Flyng (Officer), Paul Springer (Ree Yees) $850

    Episode 1: Jake Lloyd (Anakin), Andy Secombe (Watto), Ray Park (Darth Maul), Michonne Bourriage (Aurra Sing), Steve Sansweet (Naboo Courier) $150

    Episode II: Daniel Logan (Boba Fett), Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett), Bonnie Piesse (Beru), Zac Jensen (Kit Fisto), Jesse Jensen (Saesee Tiin), Silas Carson (Ki Adi Mundi/Nute Gunray), Veronica Seguera (Corde) $250

    Episode III: Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine), Bruce Spence (Tion Medon), David Accord (Gh-7), Matthew Wood (Grievous), Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti)

    Or take all six multi-signs for $2,100. This cost me well over that and countless miles/hours.

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    Some nice stuff. Good luck with the sale!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KonVader View Post
    Hello everyone,

    It's been a long 18 months or so. A few of you, a very select few, know that I have undertaken the scariest and most wonderful thing I've ever done. I've transitioned from male to female. I know that inherently some people may have a nasty comment. Go away now, please. (obligatory Before and After photos.....Before and After - Album on Imgur You know I'm cute!)

    To finance some last treatment, I am liquidating the last of my autograph collection (Update: Including "the gems"). I am open to offers. Please ask, the worst I can say is no.
    Hey mate, I have a friend who's brother is doing this right now - it's a brave and scary thing to do but being yourself if what matters and screw what anyone else thinks!
    Haters gona hate, so I would remove the first couple of pics as they are taken at a squify kinda angle and make it look like you have one eye way bigger - but based on the rest of those pics, I'd say you went from a bro to a babe - be true to yourself and forget those that simply don't understand because they probably never will.

    So - you still got the Kershner programme and if so can I see a better pic as it just flips to a tiny one when I click it?
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    Feedback thread is here

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    indeed, that Hollis is a steal gang. I have all those signers, but some get em now or else deals up there.
    Quote Originally Posted by DarthNervous View Post
    Some nice stuff. Good luck with the sale!

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    PM on the Hollis.

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    Cleared out some old PMs so I can get the new ones.

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    I still have the Kershner--I will take a few pics tonight. Thanks for the support.

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    Hollis is pending; if you want Kershner pics send me a PM with your e-mail and I'll shoot them over.

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    20% off all items through Sunday; open to offers.
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