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Thread: "All Must Go" Sale (Lucas, Carter, Oz, Holland, John Williams....) NEW ITEMS

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    Quote Originally Posted by KonVader View Post
    Bump. Make offers. Come on guys! Need about $200 more....
    Got any more signed index cards that you'd be willing to sell?
    Looking for mainly deceased actors.
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    I've got the Bauersfeld listed; Denis Lawson....couple Jason Wingreens.....

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    hey mate, empty your in box tryingto pm you
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    Yep, me too. Sent a PM about Kershner, never heard back.

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    Sorry guys, very busy lately. Got a reply out to you, GMiller. PMSBull, hit me again please.

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    Thanks. PM replied.

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    I would be interested in a pic of the rolling stone shot.

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    Sent message please reply when you have time. Thanks.
    "What if he doesn’t survive? He’s worth a lot to me."

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