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Thread: Leia - D'Qar

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    Leia Dqar figure.... I'd buy that for a dollar.

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    She'll have a nice home alongside her younger self at my Walmart:
    You disappoint me! Yoda holds you in such high esteem --- SURELY you can do better!

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    Considering Leia and Han are both first releases, is it possible Hasbro has realized the error of their ways and all future figures will be super articulated once again? Could that possibly explain the lack of new product shown at Toy Fair? Far fetched, I know, but one can dream, can't they ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordtyrannus View Post
    She'll have a nice home alongside her younger self at my Walmart:
    So that's where all the Leia's that never came to my Wal-Mart are

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    Wow I wish just one of those Leias would have shown up in my area
    Hasbro please make a Super articulated Nabrun Leids!

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    A weird figure. I dont like the head/face at all. I hope it looks better in person. Its gonna look a tough sell in that big box for 13! Its not gonna be an easy sell.
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    Too each his own but wow, as much as SA is coveted and has been wanted, a lot of minor complaints to quibble over. I'm just glad the line is continuing. Admittedly I favored the 5poa, but for the main characters, SA is a welcomed addition.

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    Paint app may be bad but such an early pic could mean we are looking at a factory reject. Also, Hasbro has not been known for it's paint/sculpt quality in recent history, Poe 6" version being a good example. At least, 3.75" scale is far more forgiving with those shortcomings.

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