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Thread: Han Solo (Starkiller Base)

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    Han Solo (Starkiller Base)

    These images have popped up on Ebay via a Hong Kong seller, nothing has been confirmed about this item.

    Click the pictures to enlarge

    Thoughts on this item?

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    Oh, son of a... why? Why this version first? Whatever. Hopefully not all the faces are painted that badly. And if we're getting an alt costume version, maybe that means we'll get his normal outfit later in the year. That would give the line legs, at least.
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    I like him. I'd also prefer if they'd gone with his 'standard' appearance first. But yeah, all three are as good as on my shelf.

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    I like that Hasbro shook this release up a little! Sort of like they did for ESB by releasing Han Hoth before Han Bespin?! I think the figure looks AWESOME (the face paint will certainly look better on the finished product) and reminds me a little of the TVC "Hoth Mechanic" release a few years back. Great to see these and kudos to our new Santa Claus, steffeblaba! Great reporting!
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    Honestly, I'm happy to see the line is continuing. I buy every Han, and i'll be happy to add this one too. I didn't mean to sound so negative about it.
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    Fix the brown hair already Hasbro! LOL But I love this figure! Kind of bummed we didn't see his main outfit first, but it is exciting to see a new outfit in this line first! Definite buy!
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    Looks great, except for the hair color.

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    The brown hair makes him look like Sam Neil.

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    I can see what they're doing though by releasing this outfit first. The 5POA version of his main outfit would basically never sell if the SA version was out at the same time.

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    it's so frustrating that the hair is totally wrong again. I wasn't too concerned about the regular costume one, cos I know that will be released again. But this one is a different matter. I wish they would figure out that Hans hair is VERY grey.
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