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Thread: FS:Complete fast food premium sets

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    FS:Complete fast food premium sets

    Please send me a PM if interested

    Straight from 1999, a complete set of fast food kids meal give-a-ways. Includes all 29 Episode 1 toys cross sold at KFC, Pizza hut, and Taco Bell. When put together the backs of the boxes make a cool mural pic of Episode 1. It took me a lot of trips and a lot of meals to complete this set. I blame this set for creating my current horrible eating habits. All toys are still sealed (one or two might have simply lost it's seal after 15 years) in box and never opened. Most boxes are still in very good shape, a couple may have minor wear. Here's your chance to stay skinny while getting the complete collection.

    $40 for the complete set. Buyer pays actual shipping cost. Paypal excepted, buyer covers fees or pays as "gift"

    Sith probe droid viewer
    Anakin's podracer
    Sebulba's podracer
    Levitating Queen Amidala's royal ship
    Joking Jar Jar Binks
    Planet Tatooine
    Anakin viewer
    Anakin Skywalker transforming bank
    Darh Maul's sith speeder
    Walking sebulba
    Hovering Watto

    Gugan sub squirter
    Queen Amidala's hidden identity
    Swimming Jar Jar Binks
    Naboo ground battle
    Trade federation droid fighter
    Boss Nass squirter
    Anakin Skywalker's Naboo fighter
    Planet Naboo
    Opee sea creature chaser
    Jar Jar Binks squirter

    Lott Dodd walking throne
    Yoda's jedi destiny
    Planet Coruscant Queen
    Amidala's royal starship
    Sith holoprojecdtor
    Darth Maul's sith infiltrator
    Jar Jar Binks squishy

     ********Deal for both sets - $60 plus shipping********* 

    Almost complete set of Episode one cup toppers. Even includes the straws. Cool, unique collectible. $30 for the set. Same pay requirements as listed above.

    Taco Bell:
    Darth Maul

    Queen Amidala - missing cup and unknown blue paint bleed in sealed bag ...I think I found the cup making this set complete as well
    Boss Nass
    Captain Tarpals

    Pizza Hut:
    Jar Jar Binks
    Mace Windu
    Nute Gunray

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    Bump for 2017

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    I tried selling mine at a couple of differnt collectors shows and several large yard sales/flea markets, and I think I ended up taking $10 for the full set of Phantom Menace toys and $1 each for the cups and toppers.

    I hope you have better luck than I did.
    Go mbíodh an fhórsa leat

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    man, it's a shame, that large cup set is one of the cooler collections offered over the PT years, I really love mine, we rounded them up store by store too, back in the day LOL. Sebulba was a pain it the *** to find I remember we hit many locales to pin him down.

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