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Thread: WIP : Real Scoobys Build a Hunk of Junk

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    WIP : Real Scoobys Build a Hunk of Junk

    Hallo there, guys
    Since my other partwork project The Black Pearl is now finished, and the DeAgo Falcon finally saw its release over here too, I invite you, to follow my building progress again

    So here we go, after stacking up parts from the first issues, I decited to start building today. I have no plans to include any of the custom etched or 3dprinted parts. Although I am pretty impressed by their quality, I plan to do a OOB-build/repaint only. There might be some minor changes, addition of some smaller greeblies maybe, but nothing big.

    Quad Gun primed an build as well as corrected the wrong lined window frame. Still waiting for the ordered cans of Tamiya AS-20 insigna white to start painting the hull.

    Cockpit up to Issue #5

    progress up to issue #5

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    Looking good. I'm upto issue 53 but have only done the cockpit so far.

    Might start on the bottom soon as all the parts are here for that and hopefully the weather will warm up for painting.
    Rest easy, son, you've had a busy day.

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    Finally another month has past and Issue #6 - #9 arrived last friday

    And today I started repainting the turret

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    This is gonna so awesome when its done. Mind blown!

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    Had a few hours left on past busy easter weekend Remember, EVERYTHING will be hand painted, except primer wich is coming from cans. No airbrush is used.
    I am currently up to issue #9, so there is not that much to show yet

    Pretty satisfied with the result, only the "seam" where the two hull parts meet, will be treated again the next days. It turned out to dark and therefore to visible. Guess thats just the result of heavy black washed layer with both parts together. Need to see how it turns out when I paint upcoming parts each on its own.

    "Cappucino"-primed cockpit tube, weathering will be started the next days.

    Lights ... CHECK ! They light up

    Passenger Deck up to current issue

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    Issues #10 through #13 arrived, including a extra Han Solo figure with seems to be a smaller recast ( ?? dont know if they had this in their line ) of ATTAKUS Classic Han Solo

    Since there is nothing interresting to show off yet, unless you want to see the frame building, heres my just finished painted cockpit tube.

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    #14 to #17 arived

    Passenger Deck finished, first Corridor added. Since I dont know how much of corridors hull will be seen, I took the extra minutes and painted it on the outside too

    ...and to show something else, heres the structure frame of the bottom half so far

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    Looks great..
    Thanks for posting...

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    Issue #18 to #21 arrived, including the next binder

    Unfotunatly not too much of showable progress this time. Just the first bottom recess assembly.
    I need to add a layer of rust later

    and half of the next corridor

    Also with the last shipment I recieved the replacement parts for the hull from Issues #1 and #3. The original ones where missing a detailed edge. Sure its barely visible and I couldīve lived without it, but when you know its missing, it starts to disturb you

    Because of the set of extraparts I also decided to use the extra cockpit-door to close the door to the small maintenance room, since as far as I know from UK-builders, there is no construction for this and the door will lead to nowhere
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    Issues #22 - #29 arrived

    I am still collecting the hull parts, so I wonīt start painting them until all for the lower bodyhalf are here. Thatīs why the progress might look slow going.

    Here we go

    Cockpit corridor finished, access tunnel to the turrets finished, another small corridor added. I also weatherd up the outside of the section, unfortunatly I learned that nothing will be seen though

    Some indoor shots .... I might add one of my extra navigator-chairs in front of the console

    ,75 of the support jig and the framework up to the current issue #29

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