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Thread: Kanan in Stormtrooper Armor

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    I'm not especially excited for this individual figure, but it's a huge step in the right direction, as is Sabine. This is three accessories -- a removable helmet, a lightsaber and a blaster. By far, to me, the most irritating thing about the initial 5POA offerings was the limited accessories and lack of removable helmets. We're not golden, but we're moving back towards where we should logically be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    I guess this was an easy kitbash for Hasbro to make but I would have preferred Kanan with the Sabine painted Stormtrooper helmet. still I guess I'll snag 1 or 2 for some Stormtrooper Commanders
    I can't help but wonder how kitbashed this figure will end up being. The neck peg for the Rebels Stormtrooper extends up into the head while the Kanan figures have the neck extends down from the head so we should have a new head and body for this figure, and the helmet will be another challenge to get it to fit seemlessly over Kanan's ponytail.

    I'm pretty hyped to see this figure coming. Always great to get the main characters in their disguises, makes for a nice character variant or you can just keep the helmet on and add him to the troops, or use him for a custom.

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    Not an exciting choice - about as thrilling as the Rebels Captain Rex - but I will be buying one. Glad he's wearing the orange pauldron. Hope he's packaged with the helmet off.

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    I just want to know if the pauldron is removable.

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    Nice intense facial expression! Sold- if only they had TCW Clone-level articulation (one can dream).

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    Is he a single-carded figure, then?
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    Season 3 Kanan Joke: I can't see a thing with this helmet on.

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    Now that these are out, how does it compare against the R1 Stormtrooper?
    And is the pauldron removable (it looks like it).

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    It's definitely more cartoonish than the R1 it should be. Not really sure about the pauldron, my son opened his up last night but I had already gone to bed.
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