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Thread: Slave 1 with Boba Fett

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    I saw it last week at my local Walmart in Michigan. It looked to be the same smaller-sized Slave I that has been released before. Not sure if the Boba figure was any different than the previous 5POA version. The box art was pretty nice but since I already have the two previous box art versions of this vehicle I decided to pass on it. Still, it was kind of cool to see the Boba figure in the display window of the box.

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    It looks really, really tiny. I saw one in Wal Mart, and the box is like a small box of cereal. The picture on the back has the figure in the cockpit, and it's comparable to the underscaled Jedi Starfighter. Just a wee little thing it is.

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    Yeah, this set snuck up on us.
    The box is the exact same dimensions as the FO Snowspeeder & Finn's Speeder. So, if you're looking for Slave 1, you might try looking behind those other boxes. From my experience, Slave 1 seems to be 1 per case assortment. I've only seen 1 at each Walmart I've been to that had it. I also saw 1 at Target, and 1 at TRU. So it is kinda rare. But it's more appealing than the FO Snowspeeder & Finn's Speeder, simply because it's Slave 1/Boba Fett. It won't last on shelves too long. I bought a couple of them for my collection. I keep mine in the boxes, but I'm curious to see what Slave 1 looks like fully-assembled, so if anyone has pics of it feel free to post in here.
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    It's small... and seems quite cheap.

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    It's detailed, well painted, the cockpit opens, the figure fits inside (kind of), the wings move and doesn't hog an entire shelf. Not bad at all...

    It reminds me of the Rvell Easy Kit, but with less paint detail and the big advantage of being comatible with the figures.

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    Would need to be seen in real first, hopefully it's bit less tatty that the FO Tie Fighter.
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    it's a pass for me. after the awesome Amazon exclusive version of the Slave 1, everything else is meh (except of course for the Vintage Kenner one )
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    This is the same one we've seen on the Class II line the past few years. The case pacl is 1x Slave I, 1x Jakku Speeder, and 1x FO-Snowspeeder.

    I think it's too bad that they don't have anything else to put put in this line besides a repack that's been in various packaging over the past few years. For a kid that likes Boba Fett, it's a nice set because the figure is there as well. However, I've already been to stores that have the last two packaged Versions of this, not selling until discounted, so I'm not sure how "quickly" this will move.

    I guess it's a lot better than another jedi starfighter, but it's not as cool as a new T-65 X-Wing would be in this line.
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