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Thread: Stormtrooper Executioner - Walmart

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    Stormtrooper Executioner - Walmart

    Walmart will be selling a Stormtrooper Executioner in the last wave of Black series figures:

    Thoughts on this set? Who is going to army build this one?

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    I though the trooper with the accessory set was 6 inch? I think the 3.75 figure just comes with the executioner stuff?

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    Yep. I concur. Executioner will be a "standard" figure while a FO stormtrooper set (exclusive) with accessories such as harness, pauldron, pouches and heavy blaster will be available in the 6" line.

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    Easy pass for me. Don't like the added color nor the weapon.
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    I hope they've fixed the helmet stripe being separate from the eyes!

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    Ducktrooper goes fishing.
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    I'm pretty sure this is the 3.75" First Order Stormtrooper Executioner (all of the backgrounds for the 3.75" Black Series are black)

    Glad to see that these are coming out. I'd definitely like to see a more neutrally posed version of this trooper. The one with the white background is probably the 6" version.

    As for the assortment in general? I wonder why they went with Rose in this assortment instead of Rey? But then I think that just like with TFA, we're going to get multiple waves worth of 3.75" Black Series TLJ themed figures.

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    Meh, nothing exciting here.
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    Bought a couple of these today, exciting find of this wave but these I almost passed on. The Rwsistance Tech figure was already warming the pegs.

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