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Thread: Bandai : Movie Realization Star Wars

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    I was a little disappointed that there didn't seem to be anything new revealed at SDCC. Right now the only thing I'm looking forward to is the IG-88 that was shown some months ago.

    The coming heavy emphasis on the Sequel Trilogy worries me. If they don't sell well -- and I can see why they might not, with the lower interest among collectors in ST characters/designs, and yet MORE trooper-types on deck -- that could mean the end of the line before we get IG-88, the Gammorrean, R2-D2, and some OT/PT "hero" types to complement the current line.
    I share your fear buddy...
    So I do hope they will sell them well in order us to get our "vintage" ones.
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    I wish they would focus on the OT with just a few ST figures mixed in.
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    Sad we did not get any reveals or SDCC exclusive.
    I guess they would rather showing stuff at Tamashii cons.

    Waiting with impatience the OT/PT prototypes/drawings :

    - Scout troopers
    - IG88
    - R2D2
    - Gamoran
    - Queen Amidala

    and more !

    Hope they will still make them among the ST figures.

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