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Thread: Princess Leia - Rebels

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    Princess Leia - Rebels

    Quote Originally Posted by jedimasterc View Post
    I really love the CG model for Leia. She looks kind of hot to me.
    Just a heads up, they revealed her figure today at USA TODAY ~LINK~

    I'll pass on the pedo-bear comments about middle aged men and 15 y/o girl figures... I buy PLENTY of Anime ero-figures with the Cast-off feature so i know that pain.... shout out to Queen's Blade figures! lol.

    Anyways did we EVER see any pre-production of the figure like the 5th brother and 7th sister or was this a secret figure?
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    Princess Leia - Rebels

    Quote Originally Posted by Rezikai View Post
    they just announced the Leia figure at USA today... here's the shot from my blog.

    I'm not usually very amped for a 5-POA.... but this one I'll take. no judging!
    Looks good - surprised this will apparently be in the basic line, as it has what looks like a BAW part.

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    Impressive... most impressive!

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    Nice looking figure.

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    Likeness is terrible. Looks nothing like the animation model.

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    God, I just wish the animated style wasn't a seperate thing.
    I'd buy this in a heartbeat if we had a realistic version coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Internets View Post
    Likeness is terrible. Looks nothing like the animation model.
    really??? it looks almost like a perfect copy from the animated model.

    I'm definitely getting 2 of these. beyond excited to get an animated Rebels figure. I'd love to see a future episode of Rebels where Leia has her iconic Senator dress and space buns hairdo.
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