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Thread: Princess Leia - Rebels

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    This is on my large want list...

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    This is a hand painted prototype, and the likeness looks fine to me, they use the digital models to create the animated figures if I recall correctly. All the Rebels figures should be very close when it comes to likeness. The final version will look slightly different, because the head will likely be flesh tone plastic, not fully painted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    really??? it looks almost like a perfect copy from the animated model.

    I'm definitely getting 2 of these. beyond excited to get an animated Rebels figure. I'd love to see a future episode of Rebels where Leia has her iconic Senator dress and space buns hairdo.
    The face is all off as is the head shape. Looks more like a generic girl whereas the animation model at least looks a bit like a young Carrie.

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    Surprised we are seeing this before TFA Leia. Either way, I'll get this one.

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    I gotta say this looks to be the best Leia ever!
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    She's definitely on my wish list. Looks like she won't be out until the Fall. Maybe by then at least Captain Rex and the Fifth Brother will be out, and Vader/Ahsoka will no longer be the only season two releases.

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    I think she looks good. Will definitely pick this one up.

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    Easy get. Making my collecting decisions a bit easier moving forward as well. Thank u hasbro. These rebels figs are great.

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    Curious if she will be in another episode.

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    Must have for my collection.
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