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Thread: Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle - Speculation

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    Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle - Speculation

    Status - Speculation

    Is Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle something you'd be interested in if Hasbro ever made it? Would you buy it?

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    i world its dam cool

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    I'm on such a TFA high right now, I'd agree to buy bags of "Jakku Sand". That's a yes!
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    Please Hasbro make this now!!

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    I would, and as usual I assume I am in the minority for wanting the truncated version Hasbro is likely to offer.

    The main body area of the ship kinda reminds me of the tan mini-rig from kenner, just black with the added wings.

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    I'd like it, but they'd just ruin it and make a POS like the Sith Infiltrator in all likelihood.
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    Considering this would use the same amount of plastic as the 6" Tie. I don't see why this *couldn't* be done.
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    As with every other non OT based/copied design, this one is very unremarkable. I feel the same way about the flying Higgins Boat the Stormtroopers use to land on planets and Leia's Resistance landing craft. Boring, forgettable designs.

    These guys are the Salieris of Star Wars, they even had to copy background/ambient sounds from the OT. The references are nice and all, but this new movie, as good as it is, design and story wise is a "repack/repaint" of the OT for a new generation.

    I'm no fan of the prequels, but its original designed ships, while not as good as the OT, were better than the new ones.

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    I don't really care for it, it's overburdened by wings. If they had been smaller, it might look better. Aesthetically. It just looks like two things cobbled together. I wish they would have designed something a little more interesting and unique looking.

    Part of me thinks it might have been cool, if he had recovered Darth maul's ship. But then Hasbro would have gotten off too easy, with just a repack.
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    Rens ship shares a resemblence to the Shuttle Tydirium, which just happens to be one of my favorite ships. Being that Ren is emulating his Grandfather, I think the design is fitting. I like it.
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