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Thread: Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle - Speculation

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    I can see them making this. They made Luke's T-16 and we only saw it in backgrounds and his model. I think one showed up in ANH SE too.

    The extending wings wouldn't be hard to do. And the interior could just be that section having a hinged top. It would need two pilot seats and a few seats and a little open area in the back for Kylo to pace and throw tantrums.

    And it wouldn't have to light up or make sounds.

    If they made the wings 1' unextended, 2' extended, and the main hull about a foot long, they could pack this easily into a TIE Striker's box.

    The only thing that would keep me from buying it is if they did it like Maul's Infiltrator and made it seat only one person. That was bogus.

    I don't even like TFA/Disney wars, but I'd buy this just to have an extra shuttle. :{
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    I'm not very optimistic about this vehicle getting made at the moment. Especially in light of rumors of Kylo Ren utilizing a different starship in THE LAST JEDI, one that may be more of a starfighter. The First Order shuttle looks impressive, but we only saw it in a couple of scenes in TFA.

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