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Thread: Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle - Speculation

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    I'm in. It's mostly wings anyways so it shouldn't be too hard to do.

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    I'd love to have it in my collection but I think the days of Deluxe sized vehicles are behind us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    I'd like it, but they'd just ruin it and make a POS like the Sith Infiltrator in all likelihood.
    That concerns me too. I was really dismayed by the Sith Infiltrator when it came out. I hope the commander shuttle will be a big vehicle though I doubt it.

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    It had more screentime than Maul's ship, but about as much action (flying, landing, etc), so probably not.

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    I'd like to see a decent sized version that could be turned into Starkiller Base/trench run playset. If we're talking simply the ship, it's too much wings to be bigger than the 3.75" TIE, so I'd have it have room for Kylor and 2 stormtroopers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spratchmonkey View Post
    I would, and as usual I assume I am in the minority for wanting the truncated version Hasbro is likely to offer.

    The main body area of the ship kinda reminds me of the tan mini-rig from kenner, just black with the added wings.

    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    I'd like it, but they'd just ruin it and make a POS like the Sith Infiltrator in all likelihood.
    It's too bad that we can't have both.

    I'd love what Spratchmonkey's talking about, and if scaled-down enough, it could easily fit into the more affordable Class II/Class II Deluxe assortment...but with TFA being the massive success it is (and the likelihood of Kylo's Shuttle appearing again), I could also see the larger, more accurate version that darthsatan wants being viable for around $100. This is where the now-yearly Star Wars movie thing becomes sort of a drag; if Rogue One weren't coming out in less than a year, we'd have a much more decent chance at some version of the Shuttle. Is it stupid to have any hope for Toy Fair '16 after the lameness of the past few?

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    I'd love to get this! One of my favorite designs in the new movie. I think a 4-man version could work well. Even if the bulk of the interior is mostly cockpit with a little area in the back to site the troopers. As long as it had a functioning ramp and articulated wings I'd be happy. The cockpit glowing red would be icing on the cake. I think it'd be a nice counterpoint to the Millennium Falcon.

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    I must admit I am not fond of the design, so it's unlikely that I would buy it. It seems unbalanced with the huge wings going upward - even in the flight mode with angled wings, which is slightly better but still nothing to call home about.

    (But that seems to be an issue with many TFA ships - the landing craft is not too thrilling either, nor is the "snowspeeder". I am really curious about the design sketches; waiting for the "Art of" book to be delivered now...)

    Is its role in the movie exciting enough to warrant a craft? Considering that TFA does not feature too many vehicles - to the point where Hasbro has added its own inventions and repacks to the lineup - it may be an option even if it's not involved in any direct battle. At least it's the main baddie's ship.

    Would it be large? If they stay with these proportions (it's fairly wide and long compared with the height, and the wings are overwhelmingly large), it would be quite large, but I can imagine them making it sit-only for the pilot figures, and with straight legs a figure is not all that high. The main rump would have only about four times the mass of a TIE cockpit (which already houses two) to allow for a similar design. The main issue will be the wings; with the wobbly things on the TIE I am not sure how well the even larger shuttle wings would hold up. Plus, the wingtips slide into the lower wing, so assuming Hasbro will want to replicate this feature, the main mass of the vehicle will be in the wings. Not sure if that would be a good toy.

    At the moment I almost think it's more likely that there will be a Class 2 minirig, where the pilot lies down in the rump, and the wings are wobbling non-folding 20cm things... (totally safe for children, think of the chiiildren!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super_Amigo View Post

    These guys are the Salieris of Star Wars, they even had to copy background/ambient sounds from the OT.
    Watch the credits for the film the next time you see it. Or better yet, go on IMDB. Because the sound designer for the OT and PT, Ben Burtt, is credited as the sound designer for 'THE FORCE AWAKENS'

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